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Teen only found out she was pregnant when she was five centimetres dilated and in labour

Teen only found out she was pregnant when she was five centimetres dilated and in labour

She had no idea she was pregnant until she was in hospital with agonising cramps

A teenager says she had absolutely no clue she was pregnant until she was in labour and five-centimetres dilated.

Bri Blanton, 18, was rushed to hospital after experiencing crippling stomach cramps that left her doubled over in pain - but she was shocked to be told that the pain she was feeling was contractions. You can see her talk about her incredibly journey to motherhood here:

Bri had absolutely no time to let the news soak in, because just two hours after she was told she was pregnant she was a mum to a little girl she named Oakleigh.

Bri, a nanny, from the upstate of South Carolina, US, said: “I woke up early and thought I had wet myself.

“I was doubled over in pain. When they told me I was pregnant and giving birth I was in complete shock.

“I kept saying to my mum: 'This isn’t possible.'

“They put her on me after she was born, and my mum said I looked like a deer in the headlights looking at her.

Bri didn't know she was pregnant until she was in labour.

“It took me a good four hours after she was born to calm down.

“I told my friends I’d had a baby and they were like ‘but you weren’t pregnant last week.’

“They couldn’t believe it.”

Bri went to bed as normal on September 7 but woke up in the early hours of the next day in agony and thinking she had wet the bed.

Bri’s mum Jennifer Blackwell, 36, took her daughter to Spartanburg Medical Centre, Spartanburg, South Carolina, US, and her daughter explained her symptoms to a nurse.

The teen had no bump and didn't experience any of the common side-effects of pregnancy.

She said: “The nurse asked if she could check Bri’s cervix. Then the nurse looked at me really eyes wide and said: 'She’s dilated and in labour.'

“I was worried for her because she was about to have a baby that she wasn’t prepared for.

“We didn’t have anything at home for a baby.”

Bri said she had no baby bump and experienced zero of the typical side-effects expecting mums get such as morning sickness or cravings.

Oakleigh's arrival came as a big surprise.

Even more incredibly, Jennifer told Bri to take a test after she threw up following a ‘heavy meal’ but it came back negative.

Jennifer said: “She took the test in front of me. It said negative, so I was like ‘phew’.

“We didn’t think about it again.

“To us it was like she went to bed and woke up pregnant. She’d been in a bikini at eight months pregnant with no bump and even did a negative pregnancy test. We had no idea.

“But Oakleigh is a blessing. Watching Bri be a mum is really beautiful."

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