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18-month-old toddler is so big she's almost as tall as her mum

18-month-old toddler is so big she's almost as tall as her mum

She already towers over her older sister, despite being half her age

An 18-month-old toddler is almost as tall as her mum - and is growing so fast that she needs new shoes on a monthly basis.

Despite being just one-and-a-half, Magnolia is already 3ft tall and towers over her older sister, who is twice her age, with the siblings even able to share clothes.

You can see a clip of Magnolia and her mum here:

Stay-at-home mum Clara Thomas, 19, from Arkansas, US, is only 5ft 1in, while Magnolia's dad Arthur Thomas, is 6ft - so it’s easy to imagine their surprise when their little girl stopped being so little.

According to doctors, Magnolia is on track to become very tall as she gets older and is in the 99 percentile of children her age for both weight and height, making her the biggest toddler her GP has in their books.

Clara said: "Magnolia has been the same weight and clothes size since she turned one. So we almost never have to buy her new clothes. Her and her three-year- old sister can even share clothes.‌

"Shoes on the other hand? We need to buy a new size every month, it feels like.”

Ouch - can imagine that’s not cheap.

Eighteen-month-old Magnolia already towers over her three-year-old sister.

Magnolia’s doctor says her unusual tallness is purely based on genetics, despite the fact her mum and dad are pretty average sized.

Clara continued: "Her doctor says she’s growing exactly where Magnolia needs to be. That it has nothing to do with what she eats or does, but that it’s purely genetic.

“He predicts she will be very tall. She is in the 99th percentile for her age in height.”

As well as being taller than most kids her age, Clara says that Magnolia is also hitting other milestones sooner too, and can already speak in short sentences and brush her own teeth.

Mum Clara Thomas with her toddler Magnolia.

"Maggie is very advanced for her age,” Clara said.

“Her fine motor skills are out of this world. She can brush her own teeth and open doors. What we are more impressed with is her speech.

"She can already speak in small sentences, and she affectively communicates all of her needs. Her sister was the same way.

"She is such a joy to be around. She says ‘Hi’ to every person we pass in town, and she gives the best bear hugs!

"To know her is to love her, and we are beyond thankful for her and her sister."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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