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People are only just realising that sinks have a secret function

People are only just realising that sinks have a secret function

Social media users are divided over a TikToker's revelatory 'best life hack'.

Social media users are divided over a TikToker's revelatory 'best life hack'.

Prepare to have a whole lot more respect for your standard kitchen sink:

You're scrolling on TikTok, aimlessly flicking your way through viral dances, cute dog videos and then you strike gold.

There's nothing better than finding a life hack you can actually use in day-to-day life.

One TikToker has revealed what he believes is the 'best life hack ever' which will help make washing up a whole load more enjoyable.

A TikToker has revealed a life hack for the circle on your sink.
@kyran/ TikTok

In the video, TikToker Kyran explains what the little known function the 'circle you have on your sink'.

Kyran continues: "If you go under your sink, you'll see it's got a little clip you can untie. Make sure you untie this and take out the metal circle like that so it leaves a hole there.

"I bet you're wondering, 'Why's that hole there Kyran? Why is it there?' I'm about to show you right now.

"So you get a bottle and you want to fill it up with your fairy liquid. Now what you want to do is put this here, screw it in tight to keep it in place and then you just want to grab your bottle of fairy liquid, pop it at the bottom and start screwing it in and now look how easy it is to get soap on your sponge."

Kyran showed how to use the hole to hold washing up liquid.
@kyran/ TikTok

Washing up is never an enjoyable task, and getting lugged with cleaning up after Christmas dinner is the worst, so Kyran's hack definitely makes the most of the sink's space and minimises the risk of splashing water or squirting fairy liquid all over surrounding areas of the kitchen.

However, viewers of the video have had mixed responses to the 'best hack ever'.

Some suggested alternative uses for the circle. One said: "I fit kitchens and it's literally just so you can have the taps either way round."

"It's if you want the drainer on the other side," another wrote.

Not all users have been convinced by the life hack.
@kyran/ TikTok

Others weren't very impressed with the hack, nor Kyran's sponge.

"I've got another life hack. Instead of doing all that, I can squeeze it directly from the bottle," one commented.

Another said: "When the hack is more long winded than the extremely simple thing it's replacing."

A third wrote: "That sponge needs changing."

Some users noted the circle is actually used for when you want the sink the other way round.
@kyran/ TikTok

Although, many users praised the TikToker for his creativity and were grateful for Kyran sharing his findings with them.

"This is amazing," a user said.

A second wrote: "Mind blown!"

A final resolved: "That's not what it's for, but it's a great idea."

Featured Image Credit: @kyran/ TikTok

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