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Woman sparks huge debate after revealing she locks her doors when family are inside their home

Woman sparks huge debate after revealing she locks her doors when family are inside their home

Many have flocked to the comments section of the parenting forum to join the debate.

A woman has sparked huge debate after revealing she locks her door even when the family are inside the home.

Of course, you can never been too careful when it comes to security to subsequently protect the welfare of your own family.

Yes, locking the door when you head out for any given period of time comes as second nature, but what about when you are or your family are actually in?

Well, one mum has caused quite the stir online after she revealed that her husband had criticised her when he realised she locks the door when the family are in the house.

The anonymous mum took to the parenting forum Mumsnet where she revealed that she 'not always but often enough' locks the front door while she is in the house.

The woman has caused quite the debate.

She continued: "Context is we live in a pleasant suburb in a peaceful neighborhood where there is a very low crime rate.

"However occasionally over the years people have had someone walk in through their unlocked front door in broad daylight - even when they were in - pinch stuff and scarper.

"It was quite a scary experience especially for one old person who was living alone. As I say this has happened maybe twice in the 12 years we've lived here. My thinking is 'better safe than sorry'."

The mum said she leaves the key in the door so she can easily unlock it in case of an emergency.

The front door is locked 'if ever we are in the back garden or upstairs or I'm leaving the (now adult) kids at home and they are upstairs,' the woman explained.

The woman then admitted her husband and kids do question why she locks the door while she is in, adding 'in terms of crime rate statistics in our area it's not really necessary'.

The woman's husband has raised eyebrows at her locking.

However, the mum decides to lock the front door just in case.

The post has sparked debate on the popular parenting forum with many flocking to the comments to give their thoughts.

And to be honest, the vast majority are in the camp of the mum's.

One person said: "Why would you have a door that just opens? I've lived in well over twenty places and all had doors that could only be opened from outside with a key."

A second added: "I always lock mine too! Can't see any reason not to. Why make it easy for passing chancers to get in?"

On the other hand, a third remarked: "I don’t lock ours in the day, unless I’m leaving the (teen) children home alone."

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