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Suspicious woman tricks ‘cheating’ husband into confession during savage live radio exchange

Suspicious woman tricks ‘cheating’ husband into confession during savage live radio exchange

The audacity of this man

Worrying that your partner might be cheating on you is a pain we wouldn’t wish on anybody.

Despite the hurt it causes, it’s more common than we like to admit.

Every day, the internet throws up new ways of trying to trap a love rat.

Whether it’s TikTokers giving tips on how to clock the signs of ‘cheater energy’, or using glitter traps to catch them in the act, there’s no shortage of imaginative 'hacks'.

A woman in Detroit, who suspected her husband was doing the dirty, had her own method - and it’s since gone viral, amassing millions of views.

She called into Detroit radio station Channel 955, and shared her fear with the hosts.

“I’ve kinda suspected things for a while now,” the woman begins. “But every time I’ve tried to be direct about it, he would just, y’know, assure me it was in my mind.”

One of the hosts then asks: “And what was it recently that happened that made you go, ‘OK that was crazy?’”

The radio show used the guise of 'free roses' to try and catch the cheat.

To which the woman replies: “So I had to go and pick up my daughter from dance, and I couldn’t find the keys to my car, so I had to take his car. And on the way I ended up getting pulled over for speeding. While I was pulled over I had to get the registration from the glove compartment.

“While I was in there, I saw a pamphlet for a play I had been wanting to go to.”

The host then questions: “So do you think that he was buying you tickets or something like that?”

While another host interjects: “You only get that though when you go.”

They then establish that it looked likely the woman's husband had gone to see the play and taken somebody else.

After they get through to him on the phone, the hosts masquerade as employees at a new online floral company, and offer him ‘a dozen long stemmed red roses’ to send to a person of his choice for free.

What happens next is a jaw-dropping moment, as he asks for them to be sent to his bit on the side - live on air, as his wife listens.

The hosts were left shocked by the exchange.

One of the hosts says: “What is her relationship to you?”

The man responds: “Uh, a friend.”

The host then tells him they offer a special service of a digital voice card rather than a physical card.

He provides the message: “Hey. Love being with you, love spending time with you. Thank you.”

How sweet. Not.

He then lets the hosts know there’s no need to include his name, as the other woman is sure to know who they’re from.

Then one of the host decides to tell the man the truth.

“This is actually the Mojo in The Morning show calling,” the host begins.

“And your wife has been listening into this entire conversation, and just heard you send flowers to another woman.

“Your wife called us up because she was suspecting that you were cheating on her.”

They then ask if the other woman is someone he's more than just friends with.

Eventually, after a lot of avoidance, the man says: “Yes and no.”

His wife then interjects: “I’ve asked you directly if you are in this marriage or not. But you always make excuses and make me feel f*****g crazy.”

The audacity.

The man then tries to gaslight her by acting as if he was sending the flowers to her, or his mother.

He attempts to make a lot of baseless excuses and dances around the subject. “It hasn’t been a great few months,” he adds.

After pressure from the hosts, the man finally says: “Do I feel caught? Obviously.”

Then he laughs.

The audacity!

People were in total disbelief after the moment was shared on TikTok, with one person writing: “Did he really try and say he sent his WIFE the flowers?! #gaslighter.”

Another added: "Run and get divorced!!!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/channel955detroit

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