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Woman forced to defend her stance on living a 'child-free' life after 'haters' slam her attitude

Woman forced to defend her stance on living a 'child-free' life after 'haters' slam her attitude

“My purpose is getting my nails done. Going shopping, treating myself!”

How many of us, currently childless, have had to face questions from prying family members - or even total strangers - who want to know when we’re going to just get on with it and start a family? I know I have.

While having children is a dream for many women, it is not a one size fits all ideology, and it’s about time more people understood that.

Whether it’s just not the right time now, or the time will simply never come, all women are different and a life with children is not what everybody wants.

More and more women are opting to put their careers first, don’t feel financially stable enough, or plainly don’t wish to be mothers.

This is something we have known for some time, but rarely is it discussed openly and proudly.

Well, another day on the internet, another viral TikTok video that gets tongues wagging.

The TikToker explained that she prefers to take naps over having children.

Stephanie Noble (@iamstephanienoble), founder of Noble Paper Company, took to the video sharing platform to share her truth under the #childfreebychoice hashtag, slamming those who judge her choices and direct hate her way.

“I’m child free by choice”, she begins. “Everyone’s always says, like, what’s your purpose? If you don’t have kids whats your purpose?”

Stephanie then hits back with the perfect response: “My purpose is getting my nails done. Going shopping, treating myself!”

The TikToker then shows off her purchases, a designer bag and plush tracksuit.

She continues: “Being sober, travelling, I don’t know - taking a nap. Have you ever taken a nap? It’s like the funnest thing ever.”

“So don't say I don’t have a purpose just because I don’t have kids. How dare you.” Noble concludes.

The impactful video has amassed a staggering 2.9 million views, with viewers from all over the world weighing in and sharing their experiences.

“Same here, I honestly feel they are jealous we're doing all the things they no longer can. Travel, sleep in, eat whatever, basically do what we want,” one commenter concurred.

“I’ll be 40 in a few months and absolutely love being childfree! I get to sleep in tomorrow with no alarm set. Then I’m going thrifting and getting my nails done. I love my freedom,” another shared.

Though not everybody was so understanding as another TikTok user declared: “Haha when you [sic] 75+ you’ll regret your life decisions.”

Spoiler alert, reader, it was a man.

Someone else said: “It’s giving the rich auntie!!”

And Noble was quick to follow up, replying: “My dream! I have a 2-year-old nephew and I’ll leave everything to him!”

Honestly, living your life on your own terms and looking good while doing it is ultimate goals. You go girl.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@iamstephanienoble

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