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Woman reveals real reason behind ‘office goggles’

Woman reveals real reason behind ‘office goggles’

There's a reason to doubt our instincts

Have you ever heard of ‘office goggles’?

If the answer’s no, but you find yourself daydreaming about the hottie across from you in the office, then you should keep reading.

The term is derived from the popular ‘beer goggles’ - the concept that people become more attractive to us when we’re drunk.

The ‘office goggles’ equivalent has been coined over on TikTok, having gone viral over the course of a few days.

Put simply, this refers to feeling like you’re attracted to somebody you work with - but in reality, it’s just because they're your colleague, and you wouldn’t be interested in the real world.

Maybe your work crush isn't all they're cracked up to be.
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TikToker Molly, part of 2 Girls 1 Pup, posted a video to the platform captioned: 'Any scientific studies done into this phenomenon??’

In the video, London-based Molly says: “[There's] one person in the office who you would never look twice at had you met them in normal circumstances but for some reason, in the office, they are a sex god.

“They are everything you’ve ever looked for in a partner and more.

“And I don’t know what it is, I don’t know whether they put something in those water coolers… or there’s some kind of subliminal effect in the fluorescent lighting… or maybe it’s the fact you’re forced to spend 38 hours a week with that person.”

Tread carefully.
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Molly continues: “Next time you’re at office drinks on a Thursday night, a couple glasses of cheap Sauvignon Blanc down, and you start thinking to yourself ‘maybe Jack from the tech development team could be the love of my life’, I beg you, I implore you to take thirty seconds to step back and think to yourself, ‘if I saw him in the street, would I actually like him? Or is it just the work goggles?'

“Nine times out of ten I can guarantee it will be the latter.”

Viewers fled to the comments to share their own experiences and laugh.

One wrote: “From someone who’s had two work relationships (both sat on the same block of desks), you don’t need that heat in your life bros. I left a trail of carnage behind.”

Another said: “I always remind myself: he’s your coworker and you’re bored”

A third chimed in: “My mate used to use the term Officelicious.”

However, some shared stories of their work-love success.

One person wrote: “Met my other half at work, def not office googles though. He was eye candy.”

Another echoed: “Me and my work colleagues have now been together 2.5 years. Definitely worth it in my opinion.”

The ball is in your court, I guess!

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