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Woman reveals she kissed her boyfriend’s brother during flirty exchange before making shocking admission

Woman reveals she kissed her boyfriend’s brother during flirty exchange before making shocking admission

She opened up about her sticky situation

One woman revealed she kissed her boyfriend’s brother during a pretty flirty exchange before making an even more shocking admission.

Made in Chelsea star, Sophie Haboo, and Melissa Tattam sat down yesterday to discuss a whole bunch of topics in the latest episode of their Wednesdays podcast.

In the episode, the pair read out a series of dilemmas that fans had sent in and one really stood out from the rest.

One woman sent a pretty intense dilemma over to Sophie Haboo and Melissa Tattam on their Wednesdays podcast.

Reading out the dilemma, Sophie began: "Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost three years.

"We first met on a night out in London and he came into my life after a really horrible previous relationship.

"After 18 months that I met his family. My boyfriend said he wanted to wait until we were really serious before he introduced us.

She continued: "Last summer I went on their family holiday and also met my boyfriend's oldest brother and sister.

"One night, my boyfriend and I had an argument and he said he needed some space.

"I went on a walk down to the beach, and his brother followed me down."

The woman kissed her boyfriend's brother.

Sophie carried on reading out the dilemma: "We had a really good conversation. I aired out what happened during our argument.

"During the chat, I noticed he [the brother] was getting close to me. There was a moment where I looked up and he was just staring at me. I felt awkward and I ended the conversation saying that I needed to go to bed. "

She and her boyfriend then flew back to the UK.

"I didn't tell my boyfriend what happened and so I did forget about it," the woman went on. "I was invited to spend the weekend with his family and at the dinner I got sat next to his brother.

"Over the course of the meal he was putting his hands on my thigh and I tried to ignore it."


She revealed: "That same night, I had a bit too much drink and I started chatting to him again once my boyfriend gone to bed.

"Things got a bit out of hand and we kissed.

"Since then, I can't stop thinking about my boyfriend's brother and I need your opinion. I still love my boyfriend but I think I might have some feelings for his brother."

The woman then asked: "Do I tell him what happened or just try to forget it and do you think his brother's in the wrong for what he did?"

Melissa explained: "There is no way out of this whole thing you've completely, if I'm honest, you've f*cked it completely."

Sophie added: "No, no, no, no, it's not worth it's not worth it. You've really done something bad. I'm not gonna tell you it's okay when it's not, we have to learn lessons."

Fair enough, that.

What do you make of it?

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