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Woman left 'horrified' as husband wants to open up their marriage so he can experiment with men

Woman left 'horrified' as husband wants to open up their marriage so he can experiment with men

The woman worries she's going to have to share her husband with a 'random man'

A woman has been left 'horrified' after her husband suggested opening up their marriage as he wants to experiment with men.

Using the alias ‘Three’s a crowd’ she wrote into the Daily Mail to seek help from their agony aunt, Jane Green.

The seemingly happy couple have been married for six years and together for 10.

And the woman claims they have a ‘pretty good’ sex life, describing it as ‘healthy’ and 'consistent'.

However, she does say it maybe isn’t the ‘most passionate’.

It’s perfectly normal for couples to start spicing up their sexual activities when they’ve been together for a while, opting to keep it fresh by introducing new positions, toys, or locations. But for those a little more settled in their ways, the idea of introducing a whole new person into the bedroom might be slightly off-putting.

Or some people, like this woman in particular, are ‘never really bothered’ if the lust and passion from the early days don’t stay as strong forever.

But her husband has other ideas.

The woman isn't sure about inviting another man into the bedroom.
cottonbro studio/Pexels

He began opening up his fantasies to his loving wife, which usually involve them ‘in bed with a third person’.

Thinking that simply discussing this aloud was his way of turning things up a notch in the bedroom, she went along with it only to find out he wants to make it a ‘reality’.

The woman went on to say that her husband is wanting to invite ‘another man to join’ their relationship.

Threesomes, throuples and polygamy are perfectly normal for many who have a more open sex life or less-than-traditional take on relationships.

The woman wrote: “He said that he's always been fascinated by the idea of being with another man, that it turns him on, and that he doesn't think he can go the rest of his life without embracing that side of himself.”

The pair have been together for 10 years.
Valentin Antonucci/Pexels

Apparently, he’s already began researching how to find a good match for them.

The woman says she's ‘happy’ he feels comfortable being open with her but is ‘terrified about what this means’.

She added: “Does this mean he doesn't want me anymore? Am I not good enough? Or is this him trying to tell me that he'd rather be with a man but doesn't know how to say it?”

Not wanting to shut him down, she admits she’s ‘weirded’ out thinking of a stranger sleeping with them.

And in particular the woman says she is ‘even more horrified’ by the idea of having to share her husband with said ‘random man’ for the long run.

Whatever the case, an open relationship certainly won’t work unless both sides of the marriage are happy to partake. Otherwise it might lead to a sad ending or one person not being truly happy.

Agony Aunt Jane explained: "Setting aside the issue of him wanting to explore with another man, the bigger issue perhaps is what that means for your marriage.

"Opening a marriage is something that you would have to want as well.

"If this were the case, it would require not only tremendous communication and trust between the two of you, it would also involve setting clear boundaries."

She concluded: "Whatever the outcome, this is not about you not being good enough, nor about a failure on your part in any way."

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