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Priyanka Chopra opens up on freezing her eggs in her early 30s

Priyanka Chopra opens up on freezing her eggs in her early 30s

The 40-year-old actress has opened up about her fertility, after welcoming her first child with Nick Jonas last year.

Priyanka Chopra has revealed that, freezing her eggs in her early 30s gave her ‘such freedom’, in her latest interview.

Although Chopra welcomed her first child last year, with her husband Nick Jonas, the actor has been honest about her struggles with fertility.

As she promoted her latest movie, Love Again, Chopra urged other women to consider the treatment saying the ‘biological clock is real’.

The Bollywood star has just wrapped her latest romantic comedy, which stars Outlander’s Sam Heughan and Celine Dion - yes, really!

With new music from the Canadian songstress, the feel-good film follows publisher Mira Ray (Chopra) as she tries to find love again (see what they did there) after the tragic death of her fiancé.

As she processes her grief, the woman continues to text her partner’s old phone number and doesn’t realise that the number has been reassigned to hunky journalist, Rob Burns.

Captivated by the texts, Rob (Heughan) is desperate to meet the mysterious woman and seeks help from one of his A-List interviewees.

Whilst the film is likely to have a happy ending, Chopra struggled to find love in her early thirties and this led to her making the decision to put her fertility first.

Speaking about freezing her eggs on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast, the actor said she’d never ‘felt such a freedom’ after the decision.

The actor welcome her first child via a surrogate last year.
Instagram/ @priyankachopra

The Quantico star told listeners: “I did it in my early 30s. I could continue on an ambitious warpath that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to get to a certain place in my career.”

However, it wasn’t just her career goals that made Chopra reconsider her fertility, as she admitted that she hadn’t met the person she ‘wanted to have children with’ at that point.

The actor’s mum, who is a doctor, had influenced her decision as Chopra entered her early thirties.

It certainly paid off as Chopra later welcomed her first child via surrogate last year.

Now the actor encourages others to do the same, as she explained: "I tell all of my younger friends, the biological clock is real. It gets so much harder to get pregnant after 35 and to carry to term and all of that. Especially with women that have been working all their lives."

Chopra even gave advice about save for the surgery, which can cost upwards of £1,000.

She said: "I tell people, 'You save money to buy a car every month.' Do it for Christmas. It's the best gift you'll give yourself. You're taking the power of your biological clock."

We love a woman who helps other women!

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