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Woman flew 2,000 miles for a first date after matching on dating app

Woman flew 2,000 miles for a first date after matching on dating app

Their four-day date sounded INCREDIBLE, with skiing, shopping and more

A woman looking for love has revealed she flew 2,000 miles for a first date after matching with someone on a dating app.

Nicole Christine, 30, jetted off to Park City, Utah, from Charlotte, North Carolina, after striking up a conversation with her potential suitor.

Her love interest lives in California, so the pair decided to meet half-way for their four-night date, which involved skiing, dinner and shopping.

Nicole said: "The date went perfectly, we had such a great time.

"It was a low-stakes, very transparent date.

"We didn't want to be too focused on a specific outcome.

"There will be other trips in the future and we will continue to see each other casually.”

It turns out marketing director Nicole had been scrolling through a dating app when she clocked a man she knew, but hadn’t spoken to in years.

The fella, who she had known for almost a decade, had liked her profile, so she dropped him a message.

She continued: "I didn't think he liked me at all anymore but he showed me that he was interested.

"I responded and we started a conversation, we spoke about how we could meet up as he lives on the West Coast."

They were both happy to travel - especially as Nicole’s date was having construction work done so would have to get out of his house, while she had friends in the area she could meet if things went badly - and met in Park City on 31 January.

"We picked a place with great amenities, we enjoyed the hot tub, skiing and shopping,” Nicole said.

"We had some great dinner reservations, I was also working remotely at the time so he would ski whilst I would work.

"We both had friends in the city too so we would have our first date and if it didn't go well we would see friends."

Nicole said they 'really enjoyed each other’s company' and that their four-day date ‘went by so quickly’.

“We went out for food, skiing and enjoyed the hot tub,” she said, adding: “It was like having a normal life but in a picturesque town.

"I did not have to revert to any second plans, we left feeling like we had done exactly what we wanted."

But the big question on everyone’s lips... do we need to buy a hat?

Nicole confirmed they’ve agreed to meet up again, but will continue seeing other people due to the long distance.

She said: "With long distance, there is not an option to get there quickly.

"We are going to continue to see each other but we are going to respect each other and see each other when the time is right."

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