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Woman who put engagement ring on Facebook Marketplace is bombarded with messages from single men

Woman who put engagement ring on Facebook Marketplace is bombarded with messages from single men

Facebook Marketplace might just be your new dating site

A woman who decided to sell her engagement ring on Facebook Marketplace after her marriage came to an end was inundated with single guys asking her out.

Newly single but perhaps not quite yet ready to mingle Camille had split from her husband and stuck her engagement ring on Marketplace to sell for a bit of cash.

Instead of offers to buy the ring from her, she found that her inbox was being clogged up with blokes who said they'd only buy the ring to put it right back on her finger.

I suppose that could be seen as romantic in a certain light, but since she put the ring up for sale it's likely that she'd rather the guys just gave her money and left with the ring instead.

Camille shared a selection of 'cringe' message she'd received from guys who'd mistaken Facebook Marketplace for a dating site.

She just wanted to sell her old engagement ring.

One guy who went by Gonzalo took his shot by asking Camille if her unwanted engagement ring was 'still available' and she told him it was if he was still interested.

"To be honest, I really don’t want the ring. I (would) rather just use the ring to re-marry you," was his response to that.

Talking about marriage before even meeting in person, a swipe left there methinks.

Another bloke called Dallyn didn't even bother pretending he might buy the ring from Camille, saying: "Hey I’m not interested in the ring, but I would be interested in taking you on a date sometime. What do you think?"

It would appear that she thinks someone should actually buy the damn ring instead of using it as an attempt to launch a pick-up line.

"I’m not looking for a ring yet. Would it be bold of me to take my shot?" was the attempt from a guy called Alex, and while it's been said that faint heart never won fair lady I don't think the person who invented that quote ever thought of guys trying to ask a woman out over Facebook Marketplace.

These guys thought they might try their luck. It didn't work.

The queue of suitors for the woman's hand continued with a man called Tyson who tried to turn on the charm with an offer of dancing and a sensitive ear, though still nobody was putting up the money for this unwanted ring.

He said: "Hey Camille, I don’t want to buy the ring but how about I take you country dancing and we can talk about what you are going through?"

Fortunately Camille seems to be in good spirits about it, and people who saw her posting the messages she'd received reckoned her ex-husband might be a bit jealous of the messages she was getting.

She said: "Ladies, delete Hinge and download Facebook Marketplace. Anyway does anyone want my ring?"

Seriously, somebody please buy this thing.

Featured Image Credit: Camille

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