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Woman considers 'divorcing' her husband after learning what he does with Yorkshire puddings

Woman considers 'divorcing' her husband after learning what he does with Yorkshire puddings

Don't judge her just yet, you haven't seen what he does to them...

A woman is considering 'divorcing' her husband after seeing what he does to a Yorkshire pud as it was clearly too much for her to handle.

Ah, the Yorkshire pudding.

For some, it is the best part of the roast.

Whether you like them completely soaked in gravy or you prefer munching on those crispy edges, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who makes a roast dinner without them.

Although a Yorkshire pudding burrito has become a bit of a trend in recent years, one thing this woman didn't expect to catch on was the way her husband prefers to enjoy his Yorkshire treat.

Die hard Yorkie fans, you may want to look away for this one.

That's the stuff.
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A woman took to Reddit to share that, after spending three hours cooking what I'm sure was a lovely roast dinner, her husband decided to save his Yorkies for dessert and add jam to them - which is a bloody far cry from chicken gravy or horseradish.

The woman was so horrified that she asked if it was grounds for divorce.

Some might say that's a bit strong, but I'd say it's a pretty valid question.

I mean you think you know someone, you share wedding vows and a whole life together, just to find out that they put jam on their Yorkshires.

She shared a picture to the social media site along with the caption: "Just spent three hours making Sunday dinner and for desert my husband has put jam on a Yorkshire pudding?! Divorce?"

As you can imagine, people couldn't wait to have their say.

One said: "I was too outraged to consider the spelling!"

A second shared a similar experience: "My cousins eat it, and I for one find it the most disgusting thing to ever leave a scorn on my life.

"I didn't know this was a thing until now and honestly I could've lived happily not knowing it."

However, many more took the opportunity to tell the woman that her husband is, in fact, not doing anything wrong, and that quite a few people enjoy their puds this way.

One wrote: "As a Yorkshirewoman, I approve of this message. Have you tried orange curd?

"Or flambee it with cointreau? Yorkies suzette!"

Very fancy.

Some couldn't help but notice the dog in the background of the woman's post and decided that the pup made the whole thing a whole lot funnier.

"The dog also looks like they're waiting for a response to 'are we gonna accept this s**t,'" one user said, while another joked: "To be honest, not sure why the dog married him in the first place."

So, when you're tucking into your roast this Easter Sunday, are you adding a side of jam to your Yorkies or nah?

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Peter Dazeley/Getty

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