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Woman cancels Tinder date after spotting gross detail in saucy picture

Woman cancels Tinder date after spotting gross detail in saucy picture

Dating in your thirties is hard, especially when you notice something gross when exchanging pictures

Dating in your thirties is hard, but what’s even harder is having to tell your potential date that their bathroom habits are the reason that you cannot be their one true love.

For example, 30-year-old Susanne Norris had to take matters into her own hands after a saucy picture showed far too much of the man she was speaking to.

After matching on the popular dating app Tinder, the pair initially hit it off and managed to set up a date for the following weekend.

Tinder date showed a little too much in his raunchy picture.
Unsplash/ Mika Baumeister

That was until their exchange of pics ruined their future relationship, as Norris was afraid she’d have to teach a grown man how to wipe.

The 30-year-old went on to explain why it happened and how it all went so wrong.

She said: "This man initially found me on Tinder, we started chatting on Instagram. Everything seemed normal, we were flirting, we were planning to hang out at my apartment over the weekend.

"I had high hopes, I was very excited to see him. We were exchanging dirty photos. He sent me a photo of himself sat on the toilet with his underwear between his legs and I saw the dirty underwear.

The pic that ended it all.
Kennedy News and Media

"I was shocked, I was disgusted. I said it was nice, I didn't want to be mean then I thought I needed to say something, I couldn't look past it. I said I was no longer interested and made up crazy lies hoping he wouldn't be interested."

But her attempts fell flat, even though you’ve got to hand it to her, the excuses she gave to turn her date down were hilarious.

Ranging from claims that she had a disease to pretending she lived 'in a cardboard box and I turn into an ogre at night like Shrek', Norris got creative in her attempts to push him away.

Norris made her feelings clear.
Kennedy News and Media

Convinced that her date was prone to skid marks in his undies, she eventually ghosted him, but not before finally admitting why she was breaking things off with him.

After persuading her to tell him the truth, she explained that she'd seen his 'dirty underwear' and decided she didn't want to 'teach another person to wipe their a**'.

Unfortunately, all he could respond with was that his ‘a** be sweaty’.

How lovely.

As Norris has already taught her child how to properly wipe his bum, there was no way that this lady was about to tackle the task of potty training a grown man.

Thankfully, it appears that she was able to get her point across nicely and bid farewell to her mystery man and his even more mysteriously marked underwear.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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