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Woman admits she 'loves it' when people hit on her hot boyfriend

Woman admits she 'loves it' when people hit on her hot boyfriend

The American actually finds it 'hilarious' when other girls go after him

Watching your partner get hit on right in front of you might seem inconsiderate to some, or even just plain rude. But for one woman, it’s just totally ‘hilarious’.

To be honest, it must take some real confidence to go and flirt with a guy whose girlfriend is right there. Quite the interesting movie.

But Alexis Mackenzie, 23, actually loves it when other women try and make a move on her man.

Racking up over 12.1million views on TikTok, she revealed it’s actually an ‘ego boost’ when this happens.

For her, it’s actually one of the best things about having such an attractive boyfriend when she watches him turn other girls down.

Alexis and Gray have been together since 2022.

Alexis says in the viral video: “My favourite part about having a hot boyfriend who is way out of my league is the ego boost.”

The American says she’s ‘out of town’ for work regularly, leaving her bodybuilder boyf Gray Wilson, 25, ‘out doing things in the wild by himself’.

She reveals: “Girls are bold enough when I’m around but when I’m not around, it’s a whole new level of audacity. And I personally find it hilarious because I’m not threatened by it in the slightest because I’m extremely secure in my relationship.”

Alexis claims that there’s girls ‘who wait for me to not be around to shoot their shot’ with her fella.

Rather than getting angry and annoyed by this audacity, she actually finds it funny how ‘unbothered’ she is by it all.

Laughing away to the camera, Alexis adds: “I feel like the worst pain for them is getting rejected by him without me being there and without me having to ever say anything or get involved.”

Alexis sees the funny side of her boyfriend being hit on.

Plus, it turns out she encourages Gray to reject these girlies ‘but not say it’s because he has a girlfriend’.

“I think it’s that much funnier to get rejected on your own volition than just because he’s unavailable.

“I don’t know if I’m wrong for that but what an ego boost. I love having a hot boyfriend.”

Many TikTok users praised Alexis for her approach, writing: “I aspire to be this way.”

With others chiming in: “God I wish I just an ounce of the trust you have.”

And others reassure her of her own beauty, writing: “He’s not out of your league at all sis, you guys look perfect together.”

Another also put: “Girlll! You are so beautiful! Defintiely in the same league as your handsome boyfriend!”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/TikTok/@alexis.makenzie

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