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Couple married for 17 years discover they're cousins after having three kids together

Couple married for 17 years discover they're cousins after having three kids together

Celina and Joseph Quinones didn't know their connection was more than just romantic

It can be great to connect with long-lost family members you didn't know existed, but what if one of those family members just so happens to be your husband and the father of your children?

Anyone else getting the ick just thinking about it?

Finding out that your partner is actually related to you isn't something that happens often, but it's the position Celina and Joseph Quinones, from Colorado, found themselves in after almost two decades of marriage.

The couple welcomed three children over the years, but they had absolutely no idea they were related by blood.

It wasn't until Celina decided to delve deeper into her family lineage by taking a family tree DNA test that she found out the truth.

In a post on TikTok, she explained: "Married my husband in 2006. Not thinking anything of it we had three kids. Come to find out we were related and cousins."

In the viral clip, Celina included a screenshot of the husband and wife’s shared ancestry results which suggests that they are a match of 62 cM, or centimorgan - a unit for measuring genetic linkage. Celina said this indicates they share an ancestor eight generations back.

The mum, who has also written a book about her family life, admitted the moment she found out her husband was more than just her husband was 'devastating'.

Celina and Joseph are still together.

“This was three kids in that I found out we were related. I did my DNA test I think in 2016 and yeah it was devastating because I was like ‘babe we're related are we even supposed to be together? This is weird'.

"It really freaked me out.”

After the initial shock, Celina decided she wouldn’t let the fact that they’re cousins stop her and Joseph from being together.

"I wouldn't change it for the world. Cousband and wife for life!," she said.

"There is a reason why good couples look alike. I am just over here raising awareness.”

In another video, Celina she said she wouldn’t be surprised if more couples are unknowingly related in Colorado and urged people to do a DNA test just in case.

"Colorado seems so big, it's really not that big,” she said.

"Do a DNA test if you don't want to marry your cousin on accident! Lol. Just my luck. Now even if we separate we stuck for life because we family now."

Though the couple have received some backlash from critics online, Celina insisted she 'loves' her husband-slash-cousin, adding: "I wouldn’t [have] it any other way that I married on accident.”

Featured Image Credit: @realestatemommas/TikTok

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