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Woman disgusted after electrician tried chatting her up before leaving her disturbing note

Woman disgusted after electrician tried chatting her up before leaving her disturbing note

The woman has spoken out in shock on social media

A woman has spoken out on social media in shock at the 'nerve' of an electrician who went to extreme lengths to try chat her up.

I wish I could say I'm shocked that a man tried to hit on a woman in full knowledge she was not only married, but that her husband was in the next door room, but sadly I'm not.

Although, the lengths this electrician went to - leaving a hidden note - are seriously creepy. Prepare for your skin to crawl:

In a clip uploaded to TikTok on Sunday (6 August), realtor Maceon McCracken - who goes by @maceaon.mccracken on the platform - explains she sometimes goes to her husband's furniture store in Concord, US, to help out because it's 'just him who runs it' alongside his dad who sometimes popping in.

The woman - who works for Allen Tate Realtors - notes she tends to sit in the office section and work, but if people come into the store, she comes out acts as 'an extra set of hands' for her partner.

One day, while her partner and his dad were busy with people in the showroom, an electrician came to the store to help 'make an adjustment' to a fan that had just been installed.

She says: "I start moving beds and couches out of the way so he can get his forklift in and I tell the electrician, 'Come give me a hand with these beds'.

"And he makes a comment of like, 'Oh, I'd much rather take direction from you anyway'."

And it only gets worse from here. *Sigh*

The electrician was there to do a job for Maceon's husband.

Maceon thought the comment was 'weird' but decided to ignore it, helping the electrician finish setting up before returning to the office.

However, the electrician needed the bathroom - located in the office - and told Maceon on his way back out: "I just have to tell you you're gorgeous. It broke my heart when they told me out there that you were married, but that doesn't bother me and if you ever want to hang out sometime let me know.

"I stuck a note for you in the cushions of a couch out there that we moved."

The electrician even left a note.

Shocked and in the knowledge the electrician was 'halfway' through his job, Maceon initially didn't say anything but then her husband came in, telling her he was popping across the street and so the TikToker let him know the electrician was 'weird,' hit on her and left her a note.

Maceon's partner made sure his dad stayed to make sure the realtor was safe.

Maceon later reveals the electrician did indeed leave a note, calling her 'absolutely beautiful' and offering to 'just have some fun' even though she's married.

She adds: "I was in so much shock because yes, not only am I married, I'm married to the man who is paying you to do work in here."

In fear of the electrician returning as the business expands across more buildings, Maceon resolves: "I shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable in our place of business."

Maceon was completely taken aback by the 'nerve' of the electrician.

The caption of the video reads: "I am consistently shocked at the nerve and audacity that some men have #married #storytime #longervideos #husbandwife #the audacity."

Maceon's husband then went and found the electrician to give him back the note.

The electrician reportedly apologised and called it a 'misunderstanding'.


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@maceon.mccracken

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