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A woman has divided the internet after revealing that she made her fiancé sign a contract agreeing to pay her bills if he cheats.

Taking to TikTok, she explained that she had just had her fiancé sign a contract so that she is financially protected in the event of infidelity.

The woman - known as @salamiiqueen on TikTok - begins the video by saying: "I have just reached a new level of crazy."

Would you do this?
TikTok/ @salamiiqueen

She continues: "I just made - well, I did not make, he did it out of his own free will - but my fiancé just signed a legal document and we got it notarised that if he cheats on me, he has to pay my bills."

The TikTok user then holds up the document to show viewers that it's very much a signed and binding legal document.

"We just got a legal document, signed, and actually got it notarised," she says. "I'm so smart or crazy. I don't know."

The legal document didn't go unnoticed on the social media website, and has been viewed millions of times.

However, people's reactions to the contract are mixed.

Would you make your partner sign a 'cheating contract'?
TikTok / @salamiiqueen

Praising the logic behind the document, one viewer wrote: "This is by far the smartest thing I’ve ever heard."

A second asked: "Can you send us a link to this pdf document."

"If they aren’t willing to do this, I don't want them," wrote a third, while a fourth added: "If he isn't willing to sign something like this, he already knows he will cheat. Smart girl."

"My attorney also advised this," remarked a fifth viewer. "It's a real thing. Prenup can be whatever you make it."

But some TikTok users said the contract was setting the woman up for 'failure' as, to them, it implies she doesn't trust her partner.

They wrote: "No trust already. Setting it up for failure."

"All I wanna say is that if you're not confident that they won't cheat on you, then you prolly shouldn't be marrying them," wrote a second critic.

A third remarked: "Honestly if there was even a *thought* to do this, the relationship is doomed."

Other TikTok users, meanwhile, asked if she could share a PDF of the document so they could use it in their relationships.

The TikToker said that she sadly couldn't in a follow-up video as the contract was unique to their situation and also defended herself against any haters, noting she only made the contract because she's been financially 'screwed over so many times' and has 'trust issues'.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @salamiiqueen

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