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Bride 'called out for cheating' by groom in front of entire wedding party

Bride 'called out for cheating' by groom in front of entire wedding party

The Chinese groom enacted a delicious revenge plot to get back at his unfaithful bride

There's nothing more stomach-wrenching than discovering your partner is playing away.

But once that dreaded discovery is made, you're forced to ask yourself an even more daunting question: what do you plan to do with the knowledge?

Do you confront them straight away, call the relationship off and go your separate ways? Or do you plot the perfect revenge scheme?

Well, for one man in China who made the heartbreaking discovery that his bride-to-be had been unfaithful - with her PREGNANT SISTER'S HUSBAND, no less - the answer was obvious.

Discovering your partner cheating can shatter your trust.

He'd play dumb until his wedding day, when he'd drag his new wife's reputation through the mud. This guy is clearly a soap opera fan...

Anyway, the groom in question waited until they'd made their romance official by tying the knot, getting onto the stage with his new wife at their reception party.

It was then that he finally got his delicious moment - confronting his bride by playing a video of her getting 'down and dirty' with her brother-in-law on a big screen.

Check out the video - which has since gone viral on social media - right here:

Each and every single wedding guest then received a full frontal view of the cheating duo getting it on.

Audible gasps from the audience can be heard across the room, before the devastated groom could be heard yelling at her: "Did you think I didn't know about this?"

The bride then launched a grand bouquet of flowers at her brand new husband, before their loved ones quickly rushed onto the stage to get between the bickering duo.

If you're wondering how exactly the groom was able to get his hands on footage of his unfaithful wife, local news channel Asia One got to the bottom of this mystery after catching up with him following his disastrous nuptials.

It turns out, he'd installed a camera into the house they share together, after becoming suspicious of her elusive behaviour.

The couple's loved ones were forced to intervene.

It was then that his world fell apart after he checked the tapes and discovered his bride-to-be cheating on him with someone he knew very well, making his pain even more severe.

With this in mind, millions of viewers have since had their say on the controversial video, with many siding with the groom.

"Smart timing," one later penned on social media. "Still gets to have the big party, but will also be able to get a quick and easy annulment."

A second viewer dubbed the plot the 'best revenge' ever, while a third admitted they'd be 'petty' enough to do something similar if they'd also discovered their partner was cheating.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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