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Strict rules all passengers must follow on 'spicy cruise' where couples can interact with each other in 'play rooms'

Strict rules all passengers must follow on 'spicy cruise' where couples can interact with each other in 'play rooms'

They’re referred to as the ‘Playground Rules’, and may be different than you expect

If you’re yet to learn about a ‘spicy cruise’, then walk with me…

A TikToker, Bella, went viral recently, for bringing attention to adults-only ‘spicy cruises’ - complete with secret codes.

While on board, couples are able to swap sexual partners and live out their wildest fantasies.

Bella’s video detailed her experience - which was also their 'third year' - at sea with her 'high school sweetheart' Jase aboard a Temptation cruise.

She also took viewers on a detailed walkthrough of the bedrooms that Temptation provide, the boat itself and of course - the 'playrooms'.

Bella recently went on a 'spicy cruise' with her partner.

The Temptation Experience website promises ‘epic fun and entertainment you have to experience to believe’.

The cruise itself lasts for five days and includes themed parties, pool parties, relaxing in the spa, sweating in the sauna and live burlesque performances.

Along with ‘clothing-optional’ areas, passengers can go topless on the sundecks and around the pool if they wish.

While the ‘Playrooms’ also allow couples to ‘try something new’ while expanding their ‘horizons’ at sea, while experts also run ‘hands-on’ and ‘exciting’ workshops for people to ‘up their game’.

Many followers have been intrigued to learn about what the rules are for such an experience.

The 'playroom'.

As the Temptation website states, the ‘Playground Rules’ both apply to the cruises and resort experiences - which are as follows:

  • ‘Appropriate attire’ must be worn in all other public areas, including dining facilities.
  • Some guests may want to keep their identities private - because of this, guests are asked that when taking photos and/or video, you only do selfies and close-ups for personal use with no wide angles.
  • Treat other ‘temptationers’ with the utmost respect.
  • The use of drugs is not allowed.
  • Keep noise to a minimum after midnight
  • All staff members, original affiliates, brand representatives, and any person in a commercial relationship with Temptation are strictly forbidden to interact intimately or drink with guests otherwise face termination or immediate dismissal.
  • Explicit activities are not allowed in any of the public areas.
  • The resort is not responsible for lost items left outside of the safety deposit box located in your room.

Bella’s TikTok video has amassed a huge response from people who were pretty shocked by what they were seeing.

One person wrote: “To be the staff on this ship. The stories!!”

Another commented: “I'm sorry, they make SPICY CRUISES?! Oh lord."

A third said: “This comment section is horrendous. Love a healthy nonmonog display of love and partnership. enjoy!”

A fifth wrote: "Girly tell me more I'm invested in this!"

Meanwhile, someone else simply asked: "What is a spicy cruise."

Well, best to keep watching.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/temptationresorts_cruises

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