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Couple put speeding ticket on their wedding registry so guests can pay for it

Couple put speeding ticket on their wedding registry so guests can pay for it

Annabelle and James are asking for a very unique gift for their wedding...

A couple put their speeding ticket on their wedding registry so guests can pay for it.

Two speed demons devised a cheeky plan to dodge the unexpected cost of being handed a $200 (£165) speeding ticket by inviting their friends and family to cover the fee for them.

Normally, a wedding registry will list all of the gift preferences engaged couples want from their wedding guests, and it should come as no surprise that speeding tickets aren’t usually one of the requests.

The list has gone viral on TikTok and people are absolutely loving the couple for being so brazen.

“Wedding in 26 days, timing couldn’t be better,” bride-to-be Annabelle, from Austin, Texas, wrote referencing her and fiancé James’ $231 penalty.

“Feel free to support James in his down-bad era on The Knot at Annabelle and James’s Wedding Registry,” Annabelle explained in the video’s caption, which offered viewers a glimpse at the request in the ‘cash fund’ section of their wedding wish list.

The couple are asking for help to pay off a speeding ticket.

Annabelle, a recent university graduate, zoomed in on her future hubby James typing ‘PLEASE HELP’ in the viral video as an unashamed plea for financial help from all those planning to attend their ceremony.

Despite the unconventional call to action by the loved-up pair, social media supporters have praised them for trying to get out paying for the ticket themselves, with some commenters offering up their own cash to help out.

“I will donate for the plot. What’s the link,” one viewer posted in the comments section.

While someone else shared their own wedding-themed speeding ticket story, writing: My husband got a speeding ticket while we were on the way to the courthouse for our marriage license!!”

Meanwhile, another fan shared: “I got a speeding ticket the night before our wedding… guess it happens to the best of us.”

“Now this is a wedding gift I can get behind,” someone else quipped.

In other wedding news, a woman has been criticised online after she wore her own white wedding dress to her twin sister's nupitals.

TikToker Anastasia Domanico, from Pennsylvania, took to the video sharing platform where she revealed how she had chosen her own white, A-line dress for the occasion, cinched in at the waist with a black belt and bow.

Anastasia wore her own dress to her sister's wedding.

Although many people were baffled by the choice, Anastasia was quick to defend her decision on social media.

Anastasia revealed it was actually her sister, Francesca, who had asked her to wear the dress.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@imthatgurlneb

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