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Women share how much they expect partners to fork out on an engagement ring

Women share how much they expect partners to fork out on an engagement ring

A lot of women clearly have high expectations for their future engagement rings!

A group of women have shared how much they'd expect their other halves to fork out for an engagement ring, and some of their expectations may surprise you.

Of course, getting engaged to the love of your life is all about celebrating the love you have for one another and making the most special memories... but we'd be lying if we said we didn't think about the perfect engagement ring!

And it turns out that many women have certain expectations of what their partners should be spending on their dream ring.

What a beauty.
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Men's lifestyle website Man of Many recently took to the streets of Australia to ask a group of young women what their expectations would be on the price of an engagement ring from their partners.

The first woman asked said she'd expect a 'quarter of their yearly salary' - which kind of puts to shame the traditional price tag of a month's wage!

Her friend then chipped in and said she'd expect her partner to spend over $10,000 (£5,100), but drew the line at $20,000 (£10,200). Lucky fella.

Another woman interviewed said she'd hope her other half would spend between $8,000 (£4,080) and $10,000 on an engagement ring, while another said all she'd care about is her ring containing a 'real' diamond.

Seems fair enough, right?

The TikTok video has been viewed more than 1.4 million times and the comments have been lively, to say the least.

Many were stunned by the high bar raised by many of these women, with one commenting: "My engagement ring was under £400. It’s perfect, I don't understand why girls wants so expensive rings… ITS JUST A RING."

And another said: "I’d rather we spent the money on a holiday together and just get a nice simple ring! These expecting $10k is unreal!"

It turns out many women have high expectations for their future engagement rings.

While someone else pointed out: "Seriously it's a ring! My man could get me an onion ring and I'd be over the moon with that."

And this comment sums it up perfectly, I'd say: "Why would I want to wear a house deposit on my hand?"

But one felt that if someone has the money, they shouldn't hold back: "Depends on his income. A wealthy person shouldn’t be stingy."

Of course, engagement rings are unique to every couple and regardless of whether or not someone is able to splash the cash on one, the sentiment remains the same.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@manofmany / Robert Daly/Getty Images

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