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Urgent warning issued to daters after scabies outbreak

Urgent warning issued to daters after scabies outbreak

The disease is caused by a parasitic mite that burrows beneath the skin and lay its eggs

Whether you've gone into the new year as a proud single or a lonely heart looking for love, there are several things experts are warning you to look out for.

And no, we're not just talking about heartbreaking f**k-boys or men that want - as Ken would put it - a 'long term, long distance, low commitment, casual girlfriend'.

You might be surprised to learn that health experts are actually warning daters to be extra vigilant as scabies spreads across the UK.

The highly contagious disease causes an itchy rash and is spread through direct contact with infected skin.

Understandably, therefore, if you're hoping to get up close and personal with someone you don't usually share bedding, clothing or towels with, medical professionals are warning you to remain cautious

And to make matters worse, as well as doctors being concerned over a surge in cases of scabies recently, a shortage of the medication used to treat the disease - permethrin and malathion - is also causing worry within the medical community.

But what exactly causes this condition and why are singletons so concerned about it spreading?

If you're squeamish, I'd scroll away now...

Doctors across the UK are warning of an increase in cases of scabies.

That's because scabies is caused by a parasitic mite called sarcoptes, that burrows beneath the skin and lay its eggs.

After these eggs have hatched, they cause both intense itching and an irritable rash, which is believed to become a lot worse at night.

Although scabies itself is not particularly dangerous, it should be treated quickly.

However, the supply issues are leading to a delay in treatment, which is essential in preventing the disease from spreading.

Speaking to Metro this week, GP and medical director of Cosmetics skin clinics Dr Ross Perry revealed he'd seen this rise in scabies cases in recent weeks, which is particularly prevalent among daters.

"We are currently seeing a huge surge of patients with scabies which is incredibly contagious, due to it being spread from skin-to-skin, and in particularly young adults who are sleeping with more than one person.

Daters in particular are being used by medics.
Getty/Frank and Helena

"Scabies rash can actually take up to eight weeks to appear on the body, during which time it can be spread at an alarming rate, particularly on bedding, towels and clothes and other items which are often shared between partners."

According to the NHS, the rash usually spreads across the body, apart from the head and neck, and commonly affects skin between the fingers, around the wrists, under the arms, and around the waist and groin.

And, it turns out that you are diagnosed with scabies, everyone in your home needs to be treated, even if they are not presenting with symptoms.

"Scabies mites can affect those having sexual intimacy with other people, and this is one infection which a condom won’t protect you against.

"Therefore, avoiding sexual contact if you suspect you might have scabies until treatment is completed is important."

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