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Woman fell in love with boyfriend 33 years her senior after she initially planned to 'milk him dry'

Woman fell in love with boyfriend 33 years her senior after she initially planned to 'milk him dry'

The YouTuber sought to rinse her 60-year-old future husband of all his earnings

They say that true love comes in all shapes and sizes, but one woman has opened up on the eye-opening and rather controversial way she fell head over heels for her now-husband.

In fact, when a 27-year-old Carrie Leigh first laid eyes upon 60-year-old silver fox Randy, she didn't see her dashing future husband, but rather, an ATM she intended pinch a pretty penny from.

Carrie said she wanted to 'milk him dry' when they got together.
YouTube/Love Don't Judge

Carrie, now a 30-year-old stay-at-home girlfriend, unashamedly made the startling admission while speaking on the YouTube series Love Don't Judge, admitting she'd initially been attracted to Randy because 'he went on a lot of holidays'.

"My first intention when I met Randy was to basically milk him dry," she proudly confessed.

"I wanted to get from him what I could and peace out."

At least she's honest... as she apparently was with Randy when they first started spending time together.

In fact, Carrie - who is younger that some of the sons Randy shares with his previous parter - says she'd explicitly ask him for financial support on a daily basis.

"I actually thought it was going to be more of a business transaction," Carrie said of the beginning of their courtship.

Randy candidly added: "I would get a message [saying], 'Hey can you do me a favour and help me out because, you know, I’m low on money.'"

After their first few dates, Carrie admits she started to feel bad about the kind of relationship she'd tried to form with her future hubby and instead opted to ghost him.

"I didn’t message him for months," she explained. "I said: 'I’m going to change my life, I’m going to do the right thing, I’m going to get a job.'"

It was only after Randy decided to check in on Carrie - and offered to buy her a car - that her feelings changed.

The pair have been together for three years.
YouTube / Love Don't Judge

"I ended up buying her a BMW," he laughed.

And after a year of long-distance dating, Carrie couldn't resist the opportunity meet him in person.

"I felt sorry that I was kind of neglecting him and his feelings when he was doing so much for me," she told her fans.

"He sat me down one day and said: 'Make a list of all your problems, and we’ll check them off one by one.'

"And probably a week later he said to me: 'If you give me a year I’ll change your life.'

"I had a different mindset [when we first met], but when you fall in love with somebody then you appreciate them for what they are."

The couple are more in love now than ever.
The pair have been together for three years.

"I’ve seen a change in the way she treats me in the beginning [compared to the] last two or three years," Randy continued.

Speaking of their 33-year age-gap, Carrie went on to admit that they still get strange looks from members of the public.

"People typically assume that I’m a gold digger, or I have daddy issues," she teased.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@lovedontjudge

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