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Woman issues urgent warning about reusable water bottles after she was sent to A&E four times

Woman issues urgent warning about reusable water bottles after she was sent to A&E four times

She was 'horrified' by the grim discovery

Now, many of us have opted for a reusable water bottle to help keep us hydrated while also being a little kinder to the planet.

However, it seems that while they're great for the environment, they may not be all that great for your health if you're not keeping on top of cleaning it.

One woman clearly learnt this the hard way and has since issued an urgent warning about reusable water bottles after she was sent to A&E four times after drinking from hers.

Kae, 19, took to TikTok to issue an urgent warning about reusable water bottles.

After finding herself consistently ill since August, 19-year-old student Kae, finally wondered whether her water bottle may be the culprit.

She took it apart only to make the horrifying discovery that the silicone mouthpiece was completely caked in mould.

Kae, who hails from Georgia, took to TikTok to open up about the ordeal and to warn others to clean their water bottle thoroughly to avoid mould poisoning.

"This is a PSA to anyone who owns an Owala," she began her video, which was captioned: "PSA to fellow Owala girlies to take out the silicone piece."

She revealed: "I had a cold that was minor… but didn’t go away. I went to urgent care – Bronchitis.

"Of course they give me an inhaler and some pills and I break out in hives as a result of the pills. Great, can’t take those anymore. The Bronchitis takes longer than it should to go away.

The water bottle mouthpiece was 'covered in mould'.

"That gets better after three weeks but then – sinus infection. I’m in pain. I go back to urgent care and get antibiotics."

The antibiotics from her second trip to A&E worked and for about a week or so and Kae was started to feel better - but this clearly didn't last long.

"I get sick again," she continued. "It’s another cold that lasts two weeks, then the most painful, sore throat of my life. I go to urgent care again, this is the fourth time this semester and the doctor takes a look at my throat and goes 'Oh my goodness, it’s a really angry throat, are you in pain?'

"He puts me on antibiotics again."

It was during this round of antibiotics that the teen decided to clean her water bottle.

She went on: "This is where it goes downhill. I’m cleaning it, doing all the normal things. I know I don’t clean it as much as I should, no one does. I know it’s full of bacteria.

"I get to the lid and get all in there. I’m not sure how to properly clean it… so I google how to clean [the lid]. Everyone says remove it and boil it."

Kae was left 'horrified' by the whole ordeal.

After removing the silicone mouthpiece, Kae found it was 'covered in mould', recalling: "I had to take a toothpick and get it out. Mould, mould, mould.

"It embedded itself into the silicone and was disgusting. I immediately order replacements on Amazon and this is a new one and it’s not mouldy."

Kae didn't realise the mouthpiece was detachable, saying she was 'horrified' by the whole situation.

"Once I cleaned it, got better. Haven’t been sick since," she assured viewers. "Isn’t that so funny? I had mould poisoning from my water bottle."

She concluded in the now-privated video: "This is a PSA to anyone who owns a water bottle and has been sick for a while. Check it, clean it and boil it to hell."

A spokesperson for Owala told "One of the standout features of Owala bottles and tumblers is that they are designed to be easy to clean.

"The spout gasket, straw, and other parts are easily removable for thorough cleaning."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kaebrie

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