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‘Delusional’ man slammed after admitting to falling in love with his own cousin

‘Delusional’ man slammed after admitting to falling in love with his own cousin

A Reddit user has received backlash for comments regarding his relative

A Reddit user has sparked reaction online after detailing how he has started to ‘fall’ in love with his cousin, claiming there's been ‘sexual tension’ bubbling between them.

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In the UK, there’s no legal restriction on the marriage of cousins, but just because the law says it’s okay, it doesn’t mean your relationship won’t face backlash.

One Reddit user is currently facing a mountain of negativity after he revealed he was falling for his cousin on a popular thread entitled ‘Off my Chest’.

Detailing his dilemma, the anonymous user began by writing: “I'm 35M and think my 34F cousin and I are falling for each other.

“In fact, if we were not related I'm sure we would have had sex by now. The sexual tension is off the charts.”

A Reddit user admitted he is 'falling' for his cousin.
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The 35-year-old explained that he and his cousin had lived in different countries growing up and that seeing each other was a rarity.

He said the pair met up and ‘hung out’ only once a year when her family came over to visit.

Unfortunately, the man claimed that he and the anonymous woman managed to drift away in their late teens because they had ‘less in common’.

After stating that he and his cousin stopped contacting each other, he learned she had moved to his native Canada.

Explaining their current living situation, the Reddit user typed: “Last year, she moved to Canada an hour away from where I live.

“We are both single of course and have been in multiple relationships but just not found the one.”

After rekindling their friendship, the pair reportedly started to spend ‘a lot’ of time together and the writer believed they were ‘practically a couple’.

“We haven't said anything to each other or acted on any feelings,” he continued.

“I admit that I have fantasised about her and also jerked off to the thought of us being together.”

He added that he wished he was not related to the woman because their relationship would be ‘so much easier’.

“But the truth is we are. And I have to find a way to stop this before it gets out of hand.”

After posting to the thread last month, users have come out in their droves to debate the anonymous users’ conundrum.

One social media user wrote: “You sure she feels the same? You only talk about your feelings here.

“She might just think she’s getting close to a family member in a country where she may not have a lot of friends?

“Does she have other family near by but prefers to hang out with you? Don’t you think your family as a whole would think this is weird?”

A second commented: “Do not explore this relationship. Ya’ll are family, it’s not cute, it’s not romantic, it’s incestuous.”

“Stop hanging out and talking for a bit,” suggested another.

“There’s this thing called genetic sexual attraction which I feel like is what you’re experiencing,” replied a fourth, adding: “Sorry OP it might be oxytocin but I don’t think it’s romantic love!”

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