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Couples will all be trying the new OWO trend in their relationships next year

Couples will all be trying the new OWO trend in their relationships next year

The New Year will bring more than just resolutions...

Whether you've been getting it on every day or whether you haven't had a slice of action at all - it's fair to say the last 12 months have been pretty eventful when it comes to the world of romance.

Now, while many of us hunker down and scramble together our New Year's resolutions - others will be intrigued to know what's in the cards when it comes to the next batch of dating trends set to take over 2024.

The likes of submarining, bread-crumbing, getting 'zombied' and even the dreaded 'Ben stage' are so 2000-and-late as

couples will apparently all be trying the brand-new OWO trend in their relationships next year.

Data compiled by search engine Google, using the analysis of 160 million searches, has been able to predict how we might be getting it on in the New Year and some of the results are sure to take you by surprise.

The data, which has revealed the growth and decline of more than 100 kinky words over the past five years, found that the mysterious OWO trend is going to really take off.

Unsure of what an earth OWO is? Not to worry - we've got you covered.

Now, OWO, which has had an impressive 57 percent increase in search results, is an emoticon representing a surprised or curious facial expression.

OWO has had an impressive 57 per cent increase in search results.
Westend61/Getty Images

In short, think of the Os as big eyes and the W as a mouth.

Used to signify an expression of surprise, especially in text messaging and social media, OWO is also often used while sexting to express desire.

Reckon you'll be adding OWO to your text vocab?

And that's not the only trend set to take over 2024 as 'gooning' is predicted to be the latest trend all couples will start doing in the bedroom.

Now, incase you're unfamiliar with the term, 'gooning' refers to the prolonged arousal through sensory overload and hypnosis.

Possibly more colloquially known by its similarities to edging, which is a form of masturbation which sees individuals maintaining sexual arousal without reaching orgasm for a long period of time, 'gooning' can result in a hypnotic, trance-like state.

The saucy new phone trend is set to take over 2024.
Tim Robberts/Getty Images

This blissful state of arousal or heightened pleasure from sensory overload can be achieved through erotic hypnosis or even blindfolding your partner - if you were curious...

By cutting off one of the senses, such as vision, the idea is that your other senses will effectively be sent into overdrive which will, in turn, increase your sexual pleasure plus your chances of reaching orgasm.

The proof is really in the pudding with this one as there has been a massive 778 percent increase in search results for 'gooning'.

Featured Image Credit: Westend61/Tim Robberts/Getty Images

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