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Woman with two vaginas says she didn't realise until she was 21 weeks pregnant

Woman with two vaginas says she didn't realise until she was 21 weeks pregnant

The TikToker has shared her story in a bid to help 'someone going through something similar'

A woman has shared a terrifying story about how she nearly died from having two vaginas.

TikToker Scarlett (@neurodivergentdiaries1) has shared a revealing insight into how it took her 21 weeks of being pregnant before a doctor informed her of the situation.

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Scarlett begins by telling her followers about the 'excruciatingly painful' experience of losing her virginity at the age of 18.

She asked her mum: "Is this supposed to hurt this bad?"

After having sex a few more times, the problems and the pain would persist.

When she met who would be her future husband, the couple decided to get her checked out to see what the problem was.

Over the space of two years she tried so many different treatments but nothing worked.

It was only until she got pregnant where doctors spotted something.

Scarlett was forced to go into emergency surgery after her cervix was shortened and the medics then informed her husband of their findings.


"So my husband gets his phone call, he straight up says your wife's, okay, your baby's okay, the surgery went well, because it was a very high risk surgery, we had a lot of fear around losing our baby," the mother explained.

"But I did find out why she was in so much pain during intercourse.

"And he says, essentially, she's had two vaginas her whole life and she's got a septum separating her vagina, into two.

"So he explained to my husband that he removed the septum and hence forming a normal vagina, just one, and it looks normal now, it's all like functions normally, I don't have any pain at all during intercourse anymore."


"But he did say that it was so lucky and actually worked out really well that I actually had the cervix issues because had I delivered or tried to deliver our baby naturally," she added.

"With that septum in place with two vaginas, I would have bled to death.

"And I would have bled, like they wouldn't have been able to stop the bleeding because obviously been to stitch it up. So I ended up with a whole bunch of stitches up there after the surgery, and then I went on to have a somewhat normal delivery, it was extremely high risk.

"I almost passed away my son almost passed away. But it was like in regards to the two vagina situation. It was normal. So yeah, that's how I found out I have to vaginas or had I don't anymore. That surgery took place eight years ago, and everything's normal. Now, all of everything functions. Normally, I don't have any pain. I still don't use tampons, but I could if I wanted to. And yeah, I just wanted to share this because it is very, very rare."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@neurodivergentdiaries1

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