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Man sends message to wife after plane passenger accuses him of cheating on her

Man sends message to wife after plane passenger accuses him of cheating on her

He took to TikTok to share the story

Ever had a cheeky glance over at the phone of someone you're sitting next to?

Well, one plane passenger had a big old snoop at one man's texts and took it upon herself to give him a massive lecture on the all things infidelity after reading his messages.

And the man has since come forward to explain himself after the woman accused him of cheating on his missus.

Check it out:

The man, who goes by the handle BerryD Treasure online, shared with his 153.5k followers on TikTok just what went down during the particularly heated flight.

Getting right down to it, he began by explaining: "This video is for my wife. I figured I'd tell her on here so that everybody knows I don't have anything to hide."

Directly addressing his wife, he continued: "When I boarded my plane today, I sat in my seat, a lady sat next to me.

I sent you a text that said 'I'm on the plane, I love you' and then I went right from texting you to texting another girl and said: 'Hey, I'm on my plane. I love you'."

It was at this point that the woman sitting next to the man decided to pipe up and said he 'should be ashamed' of himself for telling his wife that he boarded the plane and he loved her before 'pulling up another girl' in his phone and 'basically said the same thing'.

The man took to TikTok to explain the ordeal.

The woman even went as far as to threaten the man that she knew his TikTok handle and that she was 'gonna put it out there'.

"So I just wanted to tell you before she does," he added.

And here's the kicker.

"So if you could go down to the end of the hall and tell our daughter that I will no longer be texting her from the plane that I love her because I can only love one girl at a time - that would be great." the man said.

He added: "To the lady sitting next to me on the plane? You should probably learn to mind your own business and I really hope that you see this since you felt it was important to tell me that you knew my TikTok handle. Have a nice day!"

This was the text he sent to his wife.

And thousands upon thousands of comments from people were eager to weigh in on the tale.

Many were outraged that the woman was invading the man's privacy, with one TikTok user writing: "The fact that she was reading a complete stranger's texts."

"Who looks that close at what is on a stranger's phone?" asked another.

A third revealed: "I've accidentally glanced over and saw a strangers text on a plane...but to SAY SOMETHING!?! like...WHAT."

"It has never crossed my mind to read random stranger's texts," echoed a fourth.

Others, however, took it upon themselves to offer the bloke some pearls of wisdom on how to avoid an ordeal like that in the future.

Thousands rushed in to share some advice to avoid a similar situation happening in the future.

One TikTok user revealed: "This is why I have a privacy screen protector."

"Two words: privacy screen," wrote a second.

"See that’s a reason why I have a privacy screen on my phone," explained a third, "after I caught a co-worker looking at my phone over my shoulder for no reason."

Well, I guess we've all learnt something here today.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@berryd_treasure

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