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Groom slammed over ‘disrespectful’ vows during wedding ceremony as he compliments himself in speech

Groom slammed over ‘disrespectful’ vows during wedding ceremony as he compliments himself in speech

People have been left outraged at his 'cringe' speech

For whatever reason, it's seemingly become a bit of a bizarre tradition for grooms to take to the stand at their wedding and make a complete and utter fool of themselves on their big day.

And that was exactly the case for one man who has since been slammed over his 'disrespectful' vows during his wedding ceremony as he pretty much spent the entire speech complimenting himself.

Married At First Sight Australia contestant Ridge Barredo, 27, shocked viewers all over leading many to rush to social media to share their reactions to his 'cringe' choice for words.

Speaking about his bride-to-be, Ridge, who is also a two-time Commonwealth Games weightlifter and works as a Psychiatric Nurse, said: "I don’t need her tellin’ me how good lookin’ I am. I tell myself that every day."

He added: "I’ve had a tonne of situationships but I get nothin’ out of breakin’ hearts."

"I need to be attracted to her," Ridge highlighted moments before tying the knot. "Because, at the end of the day, I’m not gonna get hard for her personality."


Ridge was partnered up with single mum Jade Pywell, 26, who was very clear about her biggest turn-off.

"If he’s cocky, I will not be able to hide my facial expressions," she explained.

Married at First Sight Australia groom Ridge has been slammed over his 'disrespectful' vows to his wife.

Once at the altar together, Ridge began reading out his vows for his new wife starting off with a bunch of compliments - towards himself.

He started: "If I had to describe myself I’d say I was kind, caring, compassionate … and gorgeous," before smiling at his pals while they cheered him on.

Ridge continued: "What I aim to provide is safety and security in our relationship … because I know you girls love that stuff."

And, as the cherry on top, he then rounded off the whole thing asking his 'boys' to cheer out a 'dece'.

For some context, 'dece' simply means decent which is apparently slang among their circle for 'very good-looking'.

Not exactly storybook that.

Viewers rushed to social media to share their thoughts on his 'cringe' vows.

One X, formerly Twitter, user hit out: "Ridge's vows and friends are so cringe. His cockiness seemed to be encouraged by his parents giggling at everything he was saying. What a turn off. This won't last long, surely."

A second penned: "Ridge promising to always be respectful after he has already been disrespectful in his vows."

"How does someone as juvenile and as self-absorbed as Ridge become a psych nurse?" slammed a third. "Doesn’t that actually require empathy, selflessness and respect... and to pass some sort of psych evaluation?"

Someone else chimed in: "Ridge and his groomsmen are bloody ridiculous, clearly they have no self awareness."

"The second hand embarrassment that Ridge is subjecting the audience to is not okay," quipped a fifth, while another echoed: "Ugh… Ridge is just awful… like a f**king 17-year-old."

A final user added: "Seriously Ridge, dude. Get over yourself!!"

Featured Image Credit: Nine Network

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