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Women are questioning their relationships after trying ‘ketchup test’ on boyfriends

Women are questioning their relationships after trying ‘ketchup test’ on boyfriends

It's the latest viral challenge doing the rounds on TikTok

Women have been putting their relationships to the ultimate test with a household item that almost everyone will have lying around... although whether that’s in the fridge or the cupboard is perhaps a debate for another day.

Find out what it entails below:

TikTok is home to all kinds of weird and wonderful challenges, with many designed to offer up a bit of insight to your relationship - whether it’s the ‘water test’, the ‘Beckham test’ or the ‘Strawberry test’, to name a few from recent months.

The latest, however, is the ‘ketchup test’, which is pretty much as simple as it sounds.

It’s one of the messier bandwagons to jump back on, admittedly, but it’s believed to reveal what it says about your partner’s cleaning skills – and their wider approach to keeping the home tidy.

The viral challenge sees TikTokers pour ketchup all over their kitchen counter, before asking their other half to clear it up.


And, um, that’s pretty much it.

You see, it's more about what your partner's reaction supposedly says about them, rather than the response itself.

What you’ll notice is that some people will grab a small piece of kitchen roll or a cloth to wipe it away in one swift movement, only to realise they’re simply smearing it further across the counter and making a sticky mess – something that’s inevitable, given how much sugar the condiment contains.

Others, however, might come armed with plenty of wipes and spray, knowing it’ll be a bigger job than it looks like – perhaps a clear indication it’s something they’ve done before.


TikToker Jareen Imam recently shared a video reflecting on the trend, saying: "If there is spilled ketchup on the counter and your boyfriend doesn't know how to clean it up, is he dumb or are you a jerk for intentionally making a mess and trying to see how he can fix it.

"Some of the videos are pretty funny, with some guys just smearing ketchup into the furniture like they've never cleaned a day in their life.

“Other men are perfectly capable and also probably tired of all of this content that is made for your entertainment."

It's thought the trend originated from a TikTok video posted in December by @katherinee_310, although that clip saw hot sauce used instead of ketchup.

Imam added: “One point of argument is that it's all about domestic labor. You have to have some level of knowledge - and a little bit of common sense - to know how to clean up ketchup, rather than smearing it into a counter."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@brooklynandbailey

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