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Woman whose dream is to be housewife shares strict relationship rules for finding husband

Woman whose dream is to be housewife shares strict relationship rules for finding husband

Kelsey Thom has shared her strict rules as she searches for a husband with the hope that she'll be a traditional 1950s-style housewife.

A young woman, who dreams of becoming a traditional housewife, has shared the strict relationship rules she follows for finding a husband.

Kelsey Thom, 24, from Sydney, said her ultimate goal is to settle down and have a family, but before that happens, she has to find the ideal candidate.

The regular dating world is already a minefield, with countless icks, red flags and simply incompatible people to weed through on dating apps, let alone venturing outside in the hopes of having a meet-cute moment.

Kelsey is seemingly hoping to make the dating game a lot easier for herself by listing the attributes she wants as part of her ‘tradwife’ dream. This movement describes the mostly millennial and Gen Z women who embrace conservative and traditional 1950s housewife-style values and ideals, such as not working and instead taking care of their children, their husband and the home.

The wannabe tradwife appeared on SBS on Tuesday (19 September) and explained how the ‘family unit’ values of yesteryear appealed to her the most.

“It’s some of the values of the time and it’s a shame we’ve thrown all of them away quite frankly,” she said.

“I think we had a strong family unit back then, when people fell in love, they stayed married. There’s still merit to having a family unit and having those gender roles.”

Kelsey wants to be a tradwife.
Kelsey Thom/Instagram

Kelsey continued: “I have done 50/50 relationships… and I was not owning who I really was at the time.

“I still found that I was paying half of the bills, I was doing the cooking. I was like, okay this is what it is and I can’t do this anymore. It’s not for me.”

Kelsey was once bedridden due to Crohn’s disease, which led to her realising she wanted to have a relationship with old school gender roles.

“When I was 19 I was working a pretty good job, pretty good wage... but I got stuck down with illness and there was a period of about two years where I was more or less bedridden,” she explained.

“I think when you spend so much time in bed inevitably you end up in a situation where you look around and think about what you have done so far.

The aspiring housewife has shared her dating rules.
Kelsey Thom/Instagram

“I looked around and there was nothing. I kind of thought what do I want to see from that perspective in the future. I want to see children that I have raised that are grown adults that love me and I want to be surrounded by a family unit.”

Which leads us to Kelsey’s rules - she’s currently getting to know someone and has set out strict rules for him, including organising and paying for dates and making sure that her man can take care of her.

“The man knows if we go on a date, he has to pay. He had to organise the dates and pick me up,” she told “He has to take care of me during this process because I am watching to see what type of partner this person will be. It's an intense process.”

She added: “The man takes care of the woman while the woman takes care of the kids,' she said.”

Featured Image Credit: @KelseyThom/Instagram

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