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Expert shares 10 tips to improve your sex life in 2024

Expert shares 10 tips to improve your sex life in 2024

Here's how to get your sex life back in 2024

What could be better than having better sex in 2024?

Georgette Culley, a sex expert (or ‘sexpert’ if you will) for The Sun has come out to provide a list of things that couples can implement in the bedroom to enjoy themselves more.

Here’s what you can do to spice things up in 2024:

Flirt more

According to Culley, continuing to flirt in your relationship could be beneficial for your sex life.

Essentially, it’ll help them to feel more desirable.

Georgette Culley advises to flirt to keep the spark alive.

Do you have a sex bucket list?

This is your moment to explore the world of sexual fantasies.

Whether you’ve got a myriad of kinks, or you don’t really know what you’re into, creating a bucket list can be a fun way to try new things with your partner.

Compliments are key

Everyone likes to be told they are beautiful or good at thing, which is why giving your partner compliments without expecting anything in return can boost their self-esteem, and improve your connection.

Save the date

Scheduling in sex doesn’t sound particularly fun, but sometimes it can be difficult to know when you’ll get the chance during the week.

As it’s easy to lose track of the days and if desire has been dwindling, it can even disappear entirely.

So, to combat this, schedule in a weekly romp and focus on ‘responsive sex’ to fuel your lust.

This is when you get turned on by your partner touching you.

You can even set a little ‘sex alarm’ if it helps.

Date nights need to be a regular thing.

Don’t sleep on foreplay

Foreplay isn’t just about making sure that your partner is turned on and then it’s forgotten about, it’s essential to many women’s ability to orgasm.

According to Culley ‘more than 75 percent of women will struggle to orgasm through penetrative sex alone, so aim for the 10:10 rule – ten minutes of foreplay and ten for sex’.

Have adventures away from the bedroom

If you’re finding that your sex life mainly revolves around your bed, cut it out.

Go and try sex in fun places (legal places, like in your home) to spice it up.

You could try it in the shower, in the kitchen, on the sofa - the list is endless.

Commit to weekly dates

It’s important to keep dating your partner, long after your initial beginning.

Whether you choose to go out to dinner, bowling or to the cinema, it’s keeping the spark alive that’s important.

Also, making sure that you’re focusing on each other is key, so turn that phone off.

Focusing on the moment is what Culley believes will help.

More orgasms = better sex, duh

Instead of rushing to finish, take your time and enjoy yourself in the moment.

It’s not a race to see who can reach the finish line, it’s about being present in the moment and focusing on your own pleasure.

Once you stop obsessing over the big O, you’ll have longer, stronger orgasms.

Sex toys are a great addition

There are so many things out there on the market that can help you to feel more pleasure during sex.

From vibrators to rings, clamps and more risqué accessories, you’ll have fun searching for something new to try out every now and then.

Remember, a sex toy is your partner, not your competitor when it comes to sex.

Dirty talk

Talking dirty is a trick that’s been used to get loads of people going, which is why this is the last tip.

Culley recommends building it up with an ‘I love it when you do X,Y,Z’ and go from there.

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