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Husband branded ‘worst person in the world’ after bragging about cheating on wife

Husband branded ‘worst person in the world’ after bragging about cheating on wife

People are not happy about this man's attitude...

Talking about your relationship online is a minefield.

But one man's shock cheating admission has left many people baffled.

The anonymous man took to social media account Fesshole to reveal his most dark and devious relationship confession.

And his controversial comments have left users calling him 'the worst person in the world'.

Fesshole is known for bringing out the worst in people, simply because of its anonymous nature.

For those not in the know, anyone can submit their most awful secret confessions to the account, where they are posted anonymously for all of X, formerly Twitter, to see.




This means the people of the internet are used to seeming some pretty horrific confessions broadcast to the world.

But one man's revelation about cheating on his wife was particularly brutal.

Not least because he appeared to be bragging about the offence.

The confession left many shocked.

He wrote: "Wife is desperate to have kids, but it's just not happening for us. She recently suggested I go to a doctor to 'check it all works down there'.

"Struggled to bite my tongue and not tell her it must be her as I had to take my mistress to have a termination a few months ago."

People were quick to blast the man for the confession, with one writing: "I really hope the people who submit these fesses read the comments because I have only one piece of advice: if you've agreed to monogamy and you are happy to cheat, respect your partner by ending that relationship, so that they can find the happiness that you deny them."

Someone else suggested: "Give your wife a Christmas present. Leave her and give her a chance for real love."

The man has been called the 'worst person in the world' for his confession.
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While a third commented: "Fesshole slowly removing my remaining faith in humanity."

Another agreed, saying: "Not much horrifies me but this is up there."

And a final user wrote: "Wow, aren't you the worst person on the internet."

Sadly, cheating seems to be a major issue in many relationships these days.

An influencer recently called of her wedding after being 'cheated on' on her fiancés stag.

While a TikToker has warned partners about the dangers of the humble calculator app.

But if you are concerned your partner is playing away, don't fear. Another TikToker shared a genius hack to help catch cheating boyfriends.

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