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Private investigator reveals the one thing men do when cheating on their partners

Private investigator reveals the one thing men do when cheating on their partners

Ladies, be on the look out for this sneaky habit

Discovering your partner has been playing away behind your back is one of the most painful things you can endure.

And in many cases, the way in which you're alerted to this heart-shattering reality can be just as emotionally arduous.

Stumbling across some flirtatious emails is one thing, but catching them in the act - getting down and dirty in your bedroom with Sue from next door - will haunt you for the rest of your days.

Thankfully, however, there's one guy who believes he's sussed out a means of testing whether or not your partner is cheating - or even considering it - so that you don't have to go through the heartache of discovering the news yourself.

That man is private investigator Ray Ranno, who has stated that during his stakeouts on suspected male cheaters, they carry out one very specific practice ahead of meeting up with their other woman that you should always be on the look out for.

Speaking on the Locked In with Ian Bick podcast earlier this month, he broke the news which left listeners absolutely baffled.

"If a guy's going to pick up his sweetie on the side, he wants a clean car," the American-born PI explained.

There's one handy way to tell if your partner is cheating.
Getty/Carl Tadales

Adding that he'd constantly see cases whereby the unfaithful husband gets their ride well and truly pimped prior to seeking our their special someone on the side, he went on: "As soon as somebody goes to the car wash I think ‘Ha ha, what's next?’ It’s amazing how they do that.

"Women not so much. Women don't do it so much because they usually jump in the guy's car, men always want to drive.

"It's very rare that I see a guy jump into a female's car."

So, if you're partner is suddenly bothered about the upkeep of their car, you might need to have some pretty serious conversations.

When it comes to other interesting aspects of Ray's job, he explained that he's paid to gather as much dirt as he can on the cheating partner.

To do this, he uses his plethora of gadgets, including a long-lens camera for picture and video evidence AND a fake coffee cup with a HD camera inside, the latter being so he's able to tail and observe someone without rousing suspicion.

Has your partner been playing close attention to his car recently?

"If I go into a coffee place, or a supermarket wherever I need to be, I just take the lid off, turn it on, put the cap on and it looks like I'm walking around with a coffee. Meantime, I'm videotaping everything," he said.

What a job!

Featured Image Credit: Ranno Investigative Services/Getty/Carl Tadales

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