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People left divided after 'oblivious lady' walks through beach wedding

People left divided after 'oblivious lady' walks through beach wedding

She seemed to have no idea what was happening around her

People have been left totally divided after a video showing an 'oblivious lady' walking right through a beach wedding went viral.

Think about it: it's finally the big day where you get to tie the knot in a celebration of romance in front of all your friends, family and loved ones.

Oh yeah - and a random woman. Take a look:

A bride, father of the bride and a few bridesmaids here and there are the usual lot you'd expect to see walking down the aisle at a wedding but it seems one uninvited guest rocked up the occasion without a clue what was going on around her.

The bride, from Florida, was unfortunately forced to deal with the wedding blunder which was perfectly captured by actor and director Cory - otherwise known as @coryatrandom on TikTok - who watched on from a bird's eye perspective as the awkward scene unfolded.

It all went wrong when the bridesmaids began to make their way down the aisle.

They were soon followed by the bride with what looked like her father.

Then, out of nowhere, the 'oblivious lady' arrived at the scene right alongside the bride.

She appeared to walk alongside the wedding party before finally cutting in front of the bride in order make her way across the beach.

After a few moments, the woman and the bride appeared to be engaging in conversation - or what could have been a potentially heated exchange.

The wedding fiasco has received some very mixed reactions online.

The beach-goer can be seen donning what looks like a straw hat, some killer black shades and a white covering around her shoulders.

Appearing to be totally none the wiser to the once-in-a-lifetime event taking place right before her eyes, Cory was prompted to criticise her actions in the caption of the TikTok, writing: "Oblivious lady walks through beach wedding."

The wedding video has since gone viral after clocking up more than one million views since it was first shared online, with many agreeing with Cory that the woman in the hat could have been a bit more respectful to the ongoing wedding.

"People just don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them," one TikTok user hit out.

A second claimed: "This is the same lady who stops in the middle of the isle at the grocery store and is oblivious to the other shoppers around trying to get by."

Others, however, defended the beach-goer and argued she hadn't actually done anything wrong given that the wedding seemed to be taking place on a very public beach.

"They don’t own the beach because they’re getting married," one TikTok user argued.

Another added: "Still trying to figure out what she did wrong."

Where do you stand?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@coryatrandom

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