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Female biohacker who goes to bed at 7:30 pm every night opens up about her ‘amazing’ sex life

Female biohacker who goes to bed at 7:30 pm every night opens up about her ‘amazing’ sex life

She opened up about how her biohacker lifestyle impacts her relationship

A female biohacker, who goes to bed at 7:30 pm every night, has opened up all about her ‘amazing’ sex life.

Aggie Lal, 36, is said to be the most influential woman in biohacking - a process involving someone making incremental changes to their body, diet, and lifestyle to significantly improve their health and well-being.

See it as a kind of do-it-yourself biology to 'reverse your age'.

Aggie, who is set to release her brand-new book Biohack like a Woman this Sunday (14 January) sat down with Tyla to discuss her secrets for a 'science-backed approach' to working with your own biology to maximise results for your healthiest, fittest body and mind.

The former travel influencer, who now works full-time as a professional biohacker, follows a consistent daily routine that actually starts the night before.

She starts to 'wind down' fairly early in the evening and goes to bed at 7:30 pm and then wakes up at 5 am the following morning.

Aggie Lal, 36, works full-time as a professional biohacker.
Aggie Lal

Always opting for a 'savoury breakfast', Aggie starts her day with a matcha with coconut milk from a can, MCT oil or coffee with butter to start her day with 'healthy fats'.

"I'll have a lot of fibre," she explained to Tyla. "So a lot of vegetables, eggs, salmon. My breakfasts are big."

This was actually the 'exact opposite' of what Aggie used to have for brekky before she first started her biohacking journey back in 2018 which was previously 'nibbling on breakfast and having a latte and then having a salad for lunch and a big dinner'.

The biohacker recommends people 'always have a savoury breakfast'.
Aggie Lal

She recommends people 'always have a savoury breakfast' with 'a lot of fibre and enough protein', adding: "I think we need to educate women on the importance of protein, because I still see us completely under eat

"And when we under eat, we can't really get the physique that we're dreaming of, because you're just constantly breaking down your body."

Now, while a big breakfast sounds right up my street, there are a few things Aggie, who has spent 'thousands and thousands' and 'maybe a million', does as part of her biohacking lifestyle that are a little more extreme then just plopping some butter in your coffee.

The influencer revealed how biohacking has impacted her love life.
Aggie Lal

She's once done a 21-day fast, which she does not recommend to everyone given that she did it with a doctor and support as well as gradually working her way up to it, and takes up to '50 pills a day' to supplement her diet and is also a self-confessed 'total water snob'.

So - you may be wondering how all this impacts her love life?

Well, it seems the whole biohacking lifestyle has actually worked wonders for Aggie and her fiancé, 26-year-old photographer and entrepreneur, Jacob Riglin.

Talking about Jacob, Aggie jokes: "He's a bioslacker. He does not like biohacking, so he's just like the opposite."

Aggie previously struggled with skin breakouts, bloating and hair loss before embarking on her biohacking lifestyle.
Aggie Lal

However, 'after a while', he realised that going to bed early is actually not so bad as it paves the way for some pretty 'great' morning sex as you 'just have so much energy'.

She continued: "I think, at least for me, by the time it got to 9 am and 10 am, I was just really wired and tired and didn't get enough rest."

But now, Aggie has 'so much' more energy throughout the day which has, in turn, brought a 'better energy' into the relationship.

Emphasising that it is not about the quantity of your day but the quality of it, Aggie explained "Maybe your day is gonna be 30 minutes shorter, because you're gonna have a longer sleep, but you don't get any crashes.

Aggie and her fiancé, 26-year-old photographer and entrepreneur, Jacob Riglin.
Aggie Lal

"You're not going to feel like you are constantly catching up on things, it's going to be this beautiful buffer of just unlimited energy."

She added: "There is no limit to health, because you can be reversing your biological age and, if you're 30, you can reverse your age to, like, 21 and there's so many things you could be doing."

Aggie, who previously struggled with skin breakouts, bloating and hair loss, continued: "If you really work on yourself, you have superhuman abilities.

"For me, it's just another layer of getting better and stronger."

She opened up about her 'superhuman abilities' following her biohacking journey.
Aggie Lal

Aggie claimed that there's 'so much more' we can all be doing to feel 'absolutely amazing'.

"And that translates into, in my case at least, a much better relationship, much better sex, much better days, and a great career because all of a sudden, you just become smarter and better at things that you already do."

In short, Aggie tells Tyla: "We don't live to biohack, we biohack to live," and living she most definitely does.

Reckon you'll be incorporating any of Aggie's biohacks into your New Year's resolution list at all?

You can pick up a copy of Aggie's book Biohack like a Woman on Amazon which will be released this Sunday (14 January).

Featured Image Credit: Aggie Lal

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