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Coleen Rooney reveals friends 'chased' call girls who had spent the night with husband Wayne

Coleen Rooney reveals friends 'chased' call girls who had spent the night with husband Wayne

The WAG opened up on Wayne's several infidelities in her memoir

Gosh, we really can't get enough of the glitzy, scandalous and headline-worthy lives of the Rooneys, can we?

Ever since Coleen's high-drama Wagatha Christie win against fellow 'footballer's wife', Rebekah Vardy, we've been dying to know else what DCI Rooney has up her sleeve.

The dramatic social media courtroom saga was - as these events often are - followed up with an iconic Channel 4 drama adaptation, and in September, Coleen was even made the cover star of British Vogue, posing in front of Liverpool's Liver Buildings in an Inspector Gadget-esque trench coat.

Then, it was announced that she and sportsman hubby Wayne would be fronting their very own Disney+ series, touching on the court case and their lives together as partners and parents.

And on top of that, it was later revealed that Coleen would be releasing her very own tell-all autobiography.

John Peters/Manchester United via Getty Image

The memoir - titled My Account - was released this week, and fans have since gone wild over some of the further revelations she has made.

Among the bombshells that mum-of-four Coleen has dropped is that one of her pals actually chased down two women that claimed to have enjoyed a threesome with her husband back in 2010.

Writing in the already best-selling book, the Liverpool-born WAG admitted that she had bumped into Jenny Thompson and Helen Wood on a night out in Liverpool, after which her friend followed the pair.

"Before I could react, the girls tore up the stairs on a mission. I just stood there, clutching my drink, not knowing what to do," Coleen explains.

In the autobiography, Coleen reveals she also saw Wood at a different nightclub later that evening but blanked her.

Coleen said the pair are stronger than ever.

Despite accusing the women of 'milking' her tryst with Wayne 'for all it was worth', she also admitted in the book that she found Wayne's indiscretions with escorts considerably worse than when he admitted to sleeping with prostitutes earlier that year.

This was because, on the former occasion, the high school sweethearts were then married and had welcomed a child.

Former sex worker Thompson spoke about her and Helen's affair with Wayne in 2010, when Coleen was pregnant with their eldest children.

Despite his infidelities, Coleen stood by her husband, who himself claimed to be devastated by his own actions.

Coleen said in the book that the couple had endured 'a few screaming matches' during this period, but accepted that they were in a 'stronger place' and had grown up a lot since first meeting.

Featured Image Credit: John Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images/Instagram/@coleen_rooney

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