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Celebs Go Dating expert Anna Williamson reveals 5 signs you're compatible with someone

Celebs Go Dating expert Anna Williamson reveals 5 signs you're compatible with someone

The expert shared her handful of tell-tale signs you're with the right person

Whether you're in a committed relationship, casually dating or in somewhat of a situationship, I'm sure many of us are eager to find out exactly how you can tell if you're compatible with someone.

Well to help clear some things up, Celebs Go Dating expert Anna Williamson has revealed the five signs you know you're with the right person.

Anna believes that compatibility really just boils down to a 'cocktail of different traits and determinations'.

Celeb's Go Dating's Anna Williamson has given us the rundown on all things compatibility.

Shared values and beliefs

Up first on Anna's rundown is having shared values and beliefs.

She says shared values in particular are super important when determining compatibility as they are a window into a person's personal 'rule book' to life.

"It’s how they live their life and the more we are aligned with their values the more chance we have of being compatible," Anna tells Tyla.


Next on the list is all about a person's upbringing.

Anna explains that how a person is raised has a big influence on shaping their thoughts on the world, communication styles, how conflict is dealt with and how you show your love and affection.

Kind of like love languages, the way your upbringing has influenced someone's way of being in a relationship can 100 percent be make or break when it comes to compatibility.

Anna highlights the importance of shared values and beliefs when it comes to compatibility.
Maria Korneeva / Getty Images

Learned behaviour

Intrinsically linked to the first two points, a person's 'learned behaviour' plays a massive part in how compatible you are with someone.

For example, co-dependency - which hugely affects an individual's ability to have a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship - is a learned behaviour that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

So, if you've possibly picked up some unhealthy or toxic learned behaviours or notice that your partner has - this could have the potential to really impact just how well-matched you are to them.

Parenting aspirations and styles

Not all of us want to have children, but many people in relationships do.

When it comes to dating someone, people should be honest about not just their parenting aspirations (i.e. if they want kids, if so - how many etc) but about the parenting styles they want to adhere to.

This can save a whole lot of stress later down the line when you're arguing with your significant other about whether to raise your hypothetical children vegan or not...

Anna says how people show up on dates plays a major part in compatibility.
Janina Steinmetz / Getty Images

Date etiquette

And lastly on the rundown is all about how people show up on dates.

Anna, who is speaking as part of a Cadbury's Creme Egg campaign, tells Tyla: "How we show up on dates and in a relationship says a lot about us, and in fact how somebody speaks to others, their sense of humour, even how they eat is proven to have a big affect on how compatible somebody feels with their partner."

If you are looking for love right now, you can test your compatibility using the compatibility checker on Cadbury’s social channel.

Alternatively, if you’re just wanting to find out something new about yourself, you can try the Cadbury Creme Egg personality test for yourself here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@annawilliamsonofficial

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