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Woman hits back at trolls who call her relationship with man 'twice her age' as 'messed up'

Woman hits back at trolls who call her relationship with man 'twice her age' as 'messed up'

Trolls have said that her fiancé is 'old enough to be her dad'

Age gap relationships are often a hot topic of conversation, but a 23-year-old who's engaged to a man 'twice her age' has hit back at trolls who say he's 'old enough to be her dad.'

Amira Rajab has been engaged to Bryce Wood, 44, since July 2022 but the pair met 'years ago'.

The couple live together in Chicago and both work in the fitness industry.

Amira is a bodybuilder and makes money promoting fitness products on social media, while Bryce works as a 'body transformation coach'.

The couple often gush over each other online, posting photos and videos together and commenting on each other's pictures.

Amira Rajab, 23, and Bryce Wood, 44, have been engaged since July 2022.

"The best partner I could have ever asked for! I love you," Bryce wrote on a post where Amira said she'd come third in a fitness competition.

He also described every day he got to spend with her as 'a blessing' in a post on his own page.

And Amira clearly feels the same way. On a picture of the pair at the beach, she wrote: "I love living life with you." She also described him as the 'best partner.'

But, while they seem happily in love, people online call their age gap 'messed up' and point out a myriad of 'red flags.'

One person wrote on a video: "I always think 'awww' but then think what's wrong that he can't find someone his own age?"

Another said: "There is always some kind of red flag with older men."

The couple have been subject to a lot of criticism online, with people calling out a myriad of 'red flags' in their relationship.

And a third added, "Women with life experience see the red flags whereas younger women don't unfortunately."

Others fear that she'll 'learn the hard way' about the downfalls of age gap relationships.

One commenter even asked why Bryce was 'out looking for a younger woman'.

But, Amira doesn't care.

Despite being 21 years younger than her fiancé, Amira claims she's the 'mature one' in the relationship and says her family are 100% supportive.

Despite being 21 years younger than her fiancé, she claims she's actually the 'mature one' in the relationship and said that when they met, they didn't know how old each other was.

She says they clicked before realising there was such a big age gap.

Amira also demands that people 'stop being so quick to judge.'

"My family is 100 per cent supportive of my relationship because they know my fiancé." she says.

She also describes her engagement to Bryce as the 'happiest day' of her life.

"I will love you forever, Bryce. I can't wait to marry you," she wrote on a post announcing their engagement.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@amira_rajab

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