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Woman who drove eight hours to colleague's wedding ‘kicked out’ before reception

Woman who drove eight hours to colleague's wedding ‘kicked out’ before reception

She took to Reddit to share her experience, with users saying the bride and groom had been 'intolerably rude'

A woman who drove eight hours to her colleague's wedding was left stunned after being ‘kicked out’ before the reception.

The age-old conundrum of who should be invited to your wedding will always be a tricky part of planning your big day, especially if there are some guests you can’t afford to invite to the whole thing.

Some people might assume they have a plus-one when they’ve just got a solo invite, while others might even kick up a fuss if their partner isn’t allowed to come.

But one bride and groom have been branded ‘intolerably rude’ after saying two of their guests were welcome to the morning and evening parts of the day, but not the meal.

Taking to Reddit, one of the guests explained how she’d been invited to a colleague’s wedding in Scotland when she was in her 20s.

They'd driven eight hours to get there.

Being an eight-hour drive, it was a 16-hour round trip, so she and another colleague decided to car share, booking a B&B for overnight.

“It was the first wedding, other than family, that I’d ever been to so I was excited and felt really honoured as even as a 20+yr old, I got they were expensive,” she wrote.

“We get to the B&B early (they knew we were going to a wedding), get ourselves ready & the lady of the house very kindly drives us to the church as it’s in the Highlands and the local taxi firm only had 1 car and were fully booked.

“The wedding ceremony was so lovely, with Celtic hand tying and a candle ceremony. We take pictures of the bride, mingle with other guests and get on the transport to the reception where the dinner would be.”

However, when they got to the venue, they realised they couldn’t find their names on the seating plan for the meal.

"Master of ceremonies comes over and asks to see our invites to which he flatly states we were only invited to the church and evening drinks and that we need to leave,” the Reddit user continued.

“It was in tiny small print that our invite wasn’t for the meal.

“Absolutely mortified we slip away, try to find a local eatery (in the highlands of Scotland) to grab some food and waste some time for 5 hours.”

After finding solace in a ‘local greasy spoon’ they returned to the B&B to freshen up, finding the owner ‘furious’ by their situation and offering to drive them back to the evening ceremony at 7pm.

They only realised they weren't invited to the meal when they couldn't find their names on the seating plan.

“By this point everyone at the venue was sloppy drunk as they’d been drinking for 5 hrs and we find out we were THE ONLY ‘evening guests’,” the woman said.

“We tried to enjoy ourselves but slipped away at 10pm as the single men were VERY handsy!

“We got a lift from a kind local and went to a local bar where we were entertained by more locals who had heard of our fate from the B&B owner (news travels fast in small Scottish villages).”

She said they ended up having a ‘fun’ night ‘because of the locals’, who ‘really did save the day in more ways than one’, with one bloke bringing out his accordion to give them an impromptu ceilidh with Scottish dancing.

In the comments, one person said their friend had done the same but that they ‘weren’t offended’.

"He was young and couldn't afford dinner for everyone but still invited us to the ceremony and then dancing in the evening,” they said.

“It was nice.”

But others pointed out that the guests in this scenario had had to drive hours to the wedding, which also was in the middle of the Scottish Highlands.

“This was beyond rude,” one fumed.

Someone else said: “It is just rude to invite a person to the morning and the evening part but NOT the eating part.”

Another agreed: “Either you invite them to all or only evening. This grinds my gears!!”

A fourth said having just two people not invited to the meal was ‘intolerably rude’, while a fifth added: “How much money did bride and groom save by excluding two guests? The locals sound totally rad though!”

Thank goodness for Scottish hospitality, eh?

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