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Horrified shopper demands Sainsbury’s rename ‘wildly inappropriate’ and ‘sexist’ steak

Horrified shopper demands Sainsbury’s rename ‘wildly inappropriate’ and ‘sexist’ steak

The customer insisted another name would have the same impact

A Sainsbury's customer is calling for the supermarket to come up with a new name for one of its steaks after being left 'shocked' over its 'sexist' choice.

Rose Robinson, from Norwich, Norfolk, was so stunned by the sight she came across in Sainsbury's that she reactivated an old Facebook account to spread the word.

She believes there are other names the supermarket could have chosen, though some Facebook users came up with their own suggestions - the 'Karen' steak being one of them.

Rose spotted the steak while shopping.

"I've had the obvious Karen comment from someone who obviously feels that that's appropriate or funny, I'm not sure," Rose said, but she argued that this implies she's 'just causing a fuss about nothing'.

"I'm the least Karen-like person I know, honestly," she said, as she explained that she'd taken to Facebook after attempting to raise the issue with Sainsbury's customer service desk.

It all began on 23 March, when Rose spotted the 'big daddy beef rump steak' on the supermarket shelf.

"It just felt wrong and unnecessary," Rose said, so she approached a member of the staff who advised her to complete an online feedback form.

At first the shopper worried she might have overreacted, but when she got home from the supermarket, she decided to turn to Google for more information.

The steak has been named 'Big Daddy'.
Kennedy News and Media

She looked up 'big daddy' on the Urban Dictionary, and explained: "It doesn't even just relate to a masculine power boss, there's actually a sexual prowess meaning to it.

"One of the terms, forgive me for speaking freely, that came up on the top of the Google search was referencing someone who is 'good with his wood'.

"I just felt that it was unnecessary. There's so many ways it could have been named that would have equally communicated the super-sized nature of this particular product. It just felt wildly inappropriate and I just wasn't comfortable with it."

Rose is hoping Sainsbury's will use a different name in future.
Kennedy News and Media

Rose decided to share her dismay on Facebook in a further attempt to 'bring it to the attention of someone in Sainsbury's'.

She continued: "'Big daddy' - it says it all doesn't it? My understanding is that it was called that to emphasise its supersized nature and it just felt like it was probably marketed more towards appealing to a man, than a woman. It certainly didn't appeal to me.

"I just feel like anything that's sold as a generic food type, with reference to a gender, is just not necessary. We all eat - male, female, or whatever you identify as nowadays. I just don't think that gender needs to come anywhere into the playing field when marketing food.

"I was just really shocked. I'm not someone that's normally a huge campaigner or activist but it just struck me as completely out of place and just didn't feel right in this day and age."

Rose suggested that a name like 'supersized steak' would have achieved the same impact, and suggested it should be renamed 'from this point forward'.

Though Rose was initially 'disappointed' by the lack of response to her complaints, a spokesperson for Sainsbury's acknowledged her comments as they said: "We strive to be a truly inclusive retailer where people love to work and shop.

"Customer feedback is important to us and we regularly review ranges in line with this."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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