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Woman Urged To Dump Partner Over Comments About Her Postpartum Body

Woman Urged To Dump Partner Over Comments About Her Postpartum Body

"This guy sounds terrible"

There'll always be countless opinions on the internet, however people on Reddit all seem to be in agreement when it comes to what a new mum should do regarding her partner.

A woman on Reddit has been urged to dump her partner after revealing the comments he made about her body after giving birth.

The anonymous women recounted an exchange she had with her boyfriend after walking to the fridge. She said he gave her looked at her with "a weird expression and said: "I'm just sitting here thinking 'damn. I picked that.'"

A woman revealed the awful comments her boyfriend said about her postpartum body (

After asking him what he meant by his comment, he added while imitating her walking: "Like this, stomach out, boobs down to here...ass sticking out like you're a baby with a full diaper.

"At least the underwear holds your a** up".

The woman goes on to explain that she gave birth only two months ago. “while I've lost all the baby weight, I know that 1. My boobs got ridiculously huge during pregnancy. 2. Breastfeeding has made them not perky anymore,” she said. “I also know that my degenerating spinal condition probably makes my walk a little funky looking.

“But all I could do was sit there in disbelief, tell him it was mean, and go back to eating my salad. I was confused because he'd been coming onto me not thirty seconds prior when he saw the underwear on me.

“I thought he was joking, or saying that he couldn't believe he "picked that" because of my attitude or messy hair or some other dumb sh*t.”

The woman is only two months postpartum (

She also said she’s planning to buy extra hoodies and pyjamas to wear after the rude exchange.

“I feel sh*tty about my body,” she wrote. “I want to be intimate with him. I remember how much lust we had in the start of the relationship, how obsessed he was with my body and only bringing up the positives. I never put effort into taking good nudes until I met him, because he ate them up and worshipped my curves.”

She added: “yes couples should be honest with each other, but I feel like there's a line that a man shouldn't cross when talking to his girlfriend about her body's flaws. Especially when she's two months postpartum.”

Reddit collectively decided that the boyfriend was in the wrong. One commenter shared: “No offense but this guy sounds like a straight up douche.”

Reddit told the woman to dump her boyfriend (

However another commenter quipped: “Yes offense. Lots of offense. This guy sounds terrible.”

A third wrote: “Men who don't respect pregnancy need to be dumped.”

And this wasn’t the only person who suggested the boyfriend should be dumped, one Reddit user replied to the thread with: “He doesn't sound like the ‘In sickness and in health’ type. Girl reconsider this relationship!”

One woman shared: “This isn’t honesty it is downright mean and extremely toxic and abusive. I would bet anything this isn’t the first time he has said something like this but it definitely paints a picture of how awful he is. I’m sorry I’m sure you are beautiful and congratulations on your new baby.”

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