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Nurse explains why you should always keep red face cloth in first aid kit

Nurse explains why you should always keep red face cloth in first aid kit

Many people agreed it was a 'genius' idea, and couldn't believe why they'd never thought of it

A nurse has explained why you should always keep a red face cloth in your first aid kit, with many people saying it is a ‘genius’ idea they’d never even thought of.

It’s always good to be prepared, which is why having a first aid kit ready to hand at home, in the car or even in your handbag can be a helpful move.

But there’s something you might not have in yours that could prove especially useful, and it’s something surprisingly straightforward.

Paediatric nurse Sarah Hunstead, one of the people behind baby and child first aid education Instagram page CPR Kids.

According to the team, every first aid kit should have a red washcloth or facecloth in it – yep, specifically red.

It might seem counterintuitive, given that it’s the same colour of blood, but that’s actually kind of the point.

In an Instagram post, Hunstead explained: “Why do we recommend keeping a red-face washer/cloth in your first aid kit?⁠

There might be something missing from your first aid kit.

“It helps hide the sight of blood!⁠

“If you or your little one don't like the sight of blood or if your little one completely freaks out at even a drop, these are a necessity. They can help with the fear and anxiety some little (and big) ones get from seeing blood, which helps to make dealing with nose bleeds or cuts easier.⁠

“If your little one has regular nose bleeds and can't stand the sight of blood, stock up on a few!⁠”

Many people commented on the post to praise the ‘genius’ suggestion, with one writing: “Never thought of this. Good tip! I actually don’t think I’ve seen red washers in the shops - I’ll be on the look out now.”

It masks the colour of blood nicely.

Someone else said: “Oh wow, my son has chronic ITP so we get regular nose bleeds and I had never thought of this! Amazing thank you.”

The idea proved so popular that it was so popular when CPR Kids first shared it in 2023, becoming its most popular reel of the year.

When it was originally posted, another person commented: “So simple. So clever. So well done.”

One other Instagrammer said: “That's actually really sweet. It can be tempting to have white because it's easy to bleach but washcloths are so cheap online you can just replace them when they're stained. PSA hydrogen peroxide is the best stuff for blood stains, always use cold water and tackle the stain before it dries wherever possible.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@cprkids/Amazon

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