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Nightclub staff left in hysterics after opening lost handbag

Nightclub staff left in hysterics after opening lost handbag

This is unreal

A nightclub employee was left in hysterics - as was the rest of the TikTok - after opening a lost handbag and discovering something that screams 'drunk girl energy'.

The amusing incident unfolded at the ATIK club in Wrexham earlier this month when a little black bag was handed in at the bar.

In a bid to get it back to its rightful owner, the manager decided to take a look inside to see if she could find an ID.

Sharing a TikTok of the revelation, she said: "Okay, so someone's just handed this cute little bag into the bar so I thought I'd have a little look to see if there's an ID in it or anything like that."

While she's not wrong about the bag being cute, what she discovered was anything but.

The bar manager turned the camera to the inside of the purse to reveal a pile of greasy chips.

That's right - one of their customers was either a) really concerned they were going to get hungry mid-dance or b) really, really drunk.

Although it's probably c) all of the above.

"It's just full of chips," the staff member says with a giggle.

The clip has been viewed more than 500,000 times while receiving dozens of comments from people who were just as amused as she was.

It's just chips - nothing else.

"You know some girl's crying in the back of the taxi about leaving them behind," wrote one TikTok user alongside a laughing emoji.

"OK I'm gonna need you to find the owner for me because she's clearly the one!" joked another, while a third added, "She was just trying to drink responsibly."

Others pretended to take ownership of the bag, including this person who said: "That’s mine. I also had two sachets of mayonnaise in there! Haha."

A second asked: "Can I have my bag back?"

But the best comments of all, in my humble opinion, are the many, many chip puns.

As said by one commenter: "Planning to use chip n pin instead of cash." While another wrote: "Maybe the person was on the way to a casino."

The nightclub manager was amused by the discovery.

A third quipped: "Everyone should chip in to help her find it."

The story even featured on the BBC's Radio 1 Breakfast show with Greg James, who was amused by the bizarre anecdote.

"Amazing, it's literally a bag of chips," he said. "Entirely chips, probably brought from home, it looks like. Who is the Wrexham chip legend, please?

"Because I need to speak to them, I think they'll be a lot of fun."

Seriously though, here's hoping the Wrexham chip legend comes forward soon.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@atikwrex

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