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Mum Delivers Her Own Baby At 60mph As Her Partner Drove To The Hospital

Mum Delivers Her Own Baby At 60mph As Her Partner Drove To The Hospital

Chiara Musetti's car birth experience comes after her first child was born at a wedding.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Labour can be an exciting and unforgettable experience, but this is a major understatement on this occasion.

One mum has spoken about delivering her own baby in the passenger seat of a moving car as her partner rushed them to the hospital at 60mph.

Chiara Musetti, 28, was being driven to the hospital by her partner James Spence, 32, when her waters broke and moments later she caught baby Siena in her arms.

It's fair to say that neither Chiara or James expected to welcome their second child in their BMW 3-series, cornering a roundabout just two minutes drive from Furness General Hospital in Cumbria.

Chiara delivered her own baby in a moving car (

Chiara said: "My partner was driving us to hospital and when she came out, he carried on and I had to deliver her myself.

"We were probably going 60mph around a roundabout when she popped out.

"Our house is 45 minutes from the hospital and the roads are bad and there was a lot of water on them from the flooding.

"My partner kept having to get out to check the depth of the water to make sure we could get through.

"We were about 10 minutes from the hospital when my waters broke then I knew the birth was going to happen pretty quickly.

"About five minutes later her head started coming out.

Chiara explained how she managed to deliver Sienna, who was born at 3.30am, weighing exactly 8lbs. Sienna's contractions started at 1am.

"I had to sit up in the chair, take my seat belt off and pull my leggings down.

"She came out as we were going round a roundabout near the hospital.

Sienna was born in this BMW 3-Series (

"She just fell out and I had to catch her in my arms.

"She flew out with my waters so it was really, really fast.

"One second she was inside and the next she was in my arms."

Chiara said she tried to keep calm despite what was happening. Her due date was 23rd February and Sienna was born "a few hours after" her due date.

She added: "I was screaming at my partner and we were both shouting 'Oh my God! Oh my God!'.

"We'd been trying to stay calm through the journey but when she started coming out we were screaming.

"We hadn't been able to ring the hospital to say we were coming because my phone had fallen behind the seat when my waters broke.

"When we got to the hospital my partner ran out without any shoes or socks because he'd taken them off to test the floodwaters.

"He told them what had happened, then the midwives ran out to me.

"They couldn't believe I'd given birth in the moving car.

"They said they hadn't seen it happen often and the senior midwife who looked after us said she had only seen it once before that."

Chiara gave birth to the couple's first child at a wedding (

James added: "Obviously it was a bit manic getting from Windermere to the hospital because you have to go around Windermere lake.

"There'd been flash flooding going across the hills and the roads were badly flooded.

"I was driving as fast as I possibly could while abiding by the speed limit, so hitting 60mph at some points.

"When the baby came out, there were three people screaming in the car, myself, Chiara and the baby that had just been born.

"It was just mental and I had to keep driving and get to hospital in case there were any complications.

Sienna's not the only one in the family who had an exciting and unexpected birth, the couple said their first child was born at 38 weeks while they were attending a wedding.

James said: "Our first child also had a dramatic entrance when he was born two weeks early when we were at a dinner in Manchester, so perhaps we shouldn't have expected anything different."

Chiara added: "Siena is doing really well now and is the most chilled out baby which is shocking considering her entrance."

Congratulations Chiara and James!

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