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Mum stuns doctors as she gives birth to giant 2ft tall baby weighing over 16lbs

Mum stuns doctors as she gives birth to giant 2ft tall baby weighing over 16lbs

The newborn was dubbed 'the biggest baby ever born in the state'

One mum has left doctors absolutely baffled after giving birth to a 'giant' 2-foot tall baby that weighed over a staggering 16 pounds.

Cleidiane Santos dos Santos, who hails from Brazil, welcomed her not-so-little tot, Angerson Santos. She gave birth via C-section at the Hospital Padre Colombo in Parintins, Amazonas State, earlier this year (18 January).

The 27-year-old mum shocked medical staff who dubbed the newborn 'the biggest baby ever born in the state'.

One mum left doctors baffled after giving birth to a 'giant' baby.

Mum Cleidiane had visited the hospital for a routine obstetric consultation but doctors soon found that the unborn child was simply too large for her to carry to full term, so they kept her in for a C-section.

The procedure was performed the following day and Angerson was born. According to medical staff, the baby had no abnormalities.

At the time, the hospital uploaded a series of posts about the bub, including one video of Angerson in an incubator.

The caption read: "Giant baby born at Padre Colombo hospital in Parintins. Weighing approximately 7 kg and 328 grams, Angerson Dos Santos was born at 12:00 on 18.01.2023 (Wednesday) at Padre Colombo Hospital in Parintins and considered the biggest baby ever born in the state."

Angerson, who was given the title of 'Baby Giant' by hospital staff, beat the previous record of biggest baby ever born in the Amazonas state, Pedro Aluizio, who was born in Parintins back in 2014 and weighed 6.74 kilograms (14 pounds and eight ounces) and measuring 57 centimetres (1.8 feet).

The infant, who was already twice the size of the average baby, was so large that all the baby clothes his parents had bought for him didn't come close to fitting and the facility had to use extra-large nappies for babies aged between nine months and a year to fit the newborn.

The newborn was dubbed 'the biggest baby ever born in the state'.

Cleidiane praised the medics for their continued care and support after giving birth to her precious son, telling local news outlet

"I want to thank the team at the Padre Colombo Hospital, who are giving me strength and treating me very well, since when I got here. If it weren't for them, I don't know what would become of me."

"I appreciate each one," she added.

Now, despite his far larger-than-average size, Angerson is not even close to being the heaviest baby to ever be born.

The Guinness World Records reported that the biggest baby to ever be born was a boy born back in 1955 in Italy, weighing in at a massive 22 pounds and eight ounces.

Tyla has reached out to Hospital Padre Colombo for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@hpcparintins

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