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Estate agent urged to ‘call the cops’ after making chilling discovery inside home

Estate agent urged to ‘call the cops’ after making chilling discovery inside home

The spine-tingling footage has been viewed over 2 million times

If you've watched an episode or two of Selling Sunset, you'd be forgiven for thinking that being an estate agent is all glitz and glam.

But, as is the case with all professions - there's more than meets the eye.

Florida-based real estate agent, Jessica Law, often shares the houses she is hoping to sell on TikTok - but she found that one particular house has a very interesting - and also downright creepy - addition to it after looking behind what she thought was a closet door.

And her video has taken the internet by storm, gaining 2 million views and over 62,000 likes, leaving viewers in total disbelief.

Jessica Law is a real estate agent from Florida (Instagram/@jessicalawrealtor)
Jessica Law is a real estate agent from Florida (Instagram/@jessicalawrealtor)

The video, posted on 25 April, shows Jessica filming a room in a house and giving a voiceover.

She says: "I'm not going to lie, in all my years I've been selling real estate, I have never had something quite like this come up."

"I opened up what I thought was a closet door in a bedroom at the back of a house, and this door was in the next section.

"It is an iron door with a swinging latch that leads down into an underground room which is all concrete block. The original house was 1958."

She continues: "I would assume that they did this somewhat more recently.

"Once you get down the stairs - and another thing that's funky is that we don't have a lot of basements in Florida, that's not typical - so we're going down into what can only be described as a basement."

She says that there is 'electricity, water and a dehumidifier set up down there', so it is 'set up to house living things'.

"It gave me a little bit of pause." she added.

She then asked her followers what they think the room was used for and asked if they'd like to 'hang out' there - and people were quick to give their opinions in the comments.

One person said: "Some call that a basement, others call it a dungeon…"

Another person said: "Cops. Immediately. Just in case you could solve several cold cases."

A third person chimed: "That's a big NOPE for me! I've seen this true crime episode."

And a fourth person simply said: "My first impression, run."

However, many speculated that it could be a 'fallout shelter' or a 'nuclear bunker', a suggestion which Law said that she was 'totally onboard with' with due to the time period it was built in.

However, the 'iron door' has raised a few questions it because 'if you were trying to keep out radiation, why would you have the door like that'.

We've got the heebie jeebies...

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Jessicadlaw

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