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Woman Using Hair Straighteners In Sports Bar Becomes Instant Hero

Woman Using Hair Straighteners In Sports Bar Becomes Instant Hero

This is dedication like we've never seen before.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A bad hair day can hit you at any time: when you're at work, out for dinner or out for drinks...

Which is why we have nothing but respect for one woman, who planned ahead and brought her hair straighteners with her on her night out.

Yep, one queen was spotted re-straightening her hair in the middle of a sports restaurant and grill in Miami, Florida.

This is dedication like we've never seen before...

The woman was filmed as she re-did her hair do in a corner of Duffy's Sports Grill, using a heat styling brush which straightened out her locks.

The vid has since been shared on Instagram, and received over 20,000 likes in the last two days.

Responding in the comments, many supportive women went on to stan the mystery diner for the effort she put in to her look.

"Girl do yo thang I know you were rushed out of the house and didn't have time!," one penned.

The woman was seen straightening her hair in the toilets (
Instagram/ @onlyindade)

As another concurred: "Love that for her", as a third said: "I ain't mad at her...a girls gotta do what she's gotta do".

A fellow follower also understood the woman's pain, explaining: "It's the humidity!!!"

Despite the fanfare and supportive messages, others had some issues with the fact she was doing it in the middle of the bar. Like... not even in the toilets.

(While we understand their concerns, these sound like people who have never had to deal with frizzy hair, to us...)

"I bet her hair in people's plates," one unimpressed viewer wrote.

As another penned: "Where people eat bro. The vanity in this city."

The sports bar was full of diners at the time (
Google Maps)

"Girl seriously, why would you have that with you all times? Understand the price of beauty but damn," someone else wrote.

As a fourth critic asked: "What's next? Shaving?"

Responding to concerns raised by viewers of the vid, Duffy's Sports Grill said they soon stopped the woman doing her hair when they saw what she was up to.

"Duffy's adheres to the highest health-safety standards for our guests and team players," the bar's president told Fox News.

"When we were made aware of the guest's beauty styling next to the bathrooms, a manager immediately asked the guest to put the styling device away, which the guests obliged.

"We understand Florida weather is tough on women's hair, but we encourage guests [to] leave the hot iron at home and come for the hot wings!"

Would you go out in the rain without an umbrella? Course not. So, we think everyone should let this woman tackle the humidity in peace.

The struggle is real folks.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ @onlyindade

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