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Martin Lewis shares hack to slash £40 off your phone bill each month – and it takes 5 minutes

Martin Lewis shares hack to slash £40 off your phone bill each month – and it takes 5 minutes

Millions are being ‘ripped off’ on their mobile phone bills - but here's what you can do about it

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Phone bills are one of our monthly essentials but is it just me or are they feeling more expensive at the moment?

If there's anyone who knows about money saving and getting our phone bills back down to a more manageable monthly amount, it's Martin Lewis. The money saving guru has shared his top hack that can save you a whopping £40 per month on your bill, and the genius bit; it takes just five minutes to do.

If our phone bill is costing us more than £7 we should consider ourselves "ripped off".

According to Martin's website Money Saving Expert, if you're paying more than a tenner for your bill then you're paying too much money; as he recently put it on Twitter: "If you're paying more than £7 a month for your mobile, you're likely being ripped off!"

Considering my only phone bill makes me wince at £55 per month, I'm starting to feel ripped off and I'm sure you're probably feeling the same when you hear that you should be paying less than £10 per month.

How can I save money on my monthly phone bill?

The best way to get your phone bill down is to move to a SIM only deal, so essentially you're just paying for the phone number and the data it comes with rather than paying for your handset too. Now obviously this only works if you own your handset or you're at the end of your contract where it's paid off, so if your phone is already yours this can be the savviest way to get your phone bill down.

Lots of phone companies offer the SIM only deals, and some come with huge data packages and others have more limited options.

Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, has shared top deals and his hack for cutting your monthly bill down by £40 per month.

What are the best SIM-only deals?

This is where it pays to shop around as phone provider Smarty is offering 50GB of data for just £8 per month on their latest special offer. This used to be the price for 34GB so you're getting 16GB of extra data for the same price if you snap it up soon. Or if you want unlimited data, you can choose their £20 a month deal.

Another deal that's worth snapping up, especially if you're a Facebook or Instagram scroller, is from VOXI who are offering £12 a month for 60GB of data but you also get free data on social media use. It's worth noting the social media use doesn't include YouTube or TikTok, but can still be used on other sites and for just over a tenner a month it's a big saving!

Lots of SIM-only phone deals come with great data allowances, and offer great cost savings.

Also stepping up with a great savings deal is supermarket Tesco, who offer a 60GB SIM only deal for £13 a month with a Clubcard (think of the points!). Before you turn your nose up too, it's worth noting that they work via the 02 network so can promise 99% coverage across the UK and the deal comes with no roaming charges until 2025 meaning you can use it abroad this summer.

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